Dubland | It’s Easier To Raise Three Children Than To Be With You With One Inside You

Dubland is back with more talk of fancy foods, Branston Pickles and Braxton Hicks. Suzanne’s house is a building site and PJ still has a leaky roof (for new listeners this is going on for years).  Suzanne is a crank, but she has good reason, which she lists, and PJ can’t believe it, especially the sports related size comparison. He really learns a lot in this episode. He genuinely might be a new man after this episode. So there’s a lot of talk about the pregnancy and babies and stuff like how it’s easier to raise three children than to be with PJ with one inside you. But then PJ brings in his big news of the week, it involves Brussel Sprouts. The episode also involves Nighties and Oodies. We have Celtic pig wrestlers to blame for the misery of pants that affects the modern man. We also get some Animal Facts, which is a welcome segment to return to the podcast! Oh and go buy a t-shirt.