Top 10 fashionable characters from movies

I’m not sure about you, but every morning, before I get dressed, I watch a movie in an effort to inspire my fashion for that day. And maybe that makes you think that I watch a lot of Dead Poets Society but actually, what I’m aiming for is some hints from these style gurus…

Yes! Even the women!

Here are the

Top 10 fashionable characters from movies

10. Cher Horowitz

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I just watched the 1990s comedy Clueless the other day, and it’s still great. Keep your adverse opinion to yourself, it’s great and that’s it. I’m sure you know the film, it’s about Valley Girl Cher Horowitz, played by Alicia Silverstone, and one thing she wasn’t clueless about was fashion. Yep, she was all about them fashions. From A-line miniskirts to her knee socks, she sparked ‘fashion fever.


9. Motorcycle Boy

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Rumblefish is a 1980s classic and a big part of its appeal was the stylishness of Motorcycle Boy – played by Mickey Rourke. Clad in sharp jacket and trousers and astride a Harley Davidson, he was the character that people wanted to be. I remember when I was a young man in the 80s, I thought it was cool just to have people call me whatever-my-mode-of-transport-was Boy. One day I’d be Bicycle Boy (not ideal, seeing as I was in my mid 20s), another day I’d be Bus Boy, sometimes I’d be Back-of-Mam’s-Car Boy. Also, I looked exactly like Mickey Rourke. 

8. Howard Hughes

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The Aviator was set in the 1930s, and various other decades that followed – that’s biopics for you. But, and here’s the true magic of film, it was only made in 2004! Amazing. Leonardo DiCaprio who didn’t win an Oscar that year but might win one this year played Howard Hughes. He got his fashion on though; his dark jacket, tie, light slacks and shades would look probably look the part again now, that’s hipsters for you.

7. Sebastian Valmont

Sebastian Valmont, Ryan Phillipe, Cruel Intentions, top ten fashionable characters from movies, fashion in film, -

What ever happened to Ryan Phillipe? I hear you ask. Well, I reckon he’s still at home looking at himself in the mirror wearing all the stuff he stole from the set of Cruel Intentions because let me tell you, there is no faulting the immaculate outfits worn by Sebastian Valmont (the character Ryan played) in the 1999 film. That rich brat was all up in designer jacket and trousers combined with t-shirt underneath, making him the epitome of smart casual. Smart, casual and dastardly. 

6. Jacob

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The 2011 rom-com Crazy Stupid Love had a great cast, if you recall? A cast so strong that Ryan Gosling just decided to play himself. But it was his version of himself, as in, how he saw himself if he was filling out a questionnaire for a round of speed dating. He was a player, he was cool (like that breeze out there today) and to reflect that coolness, or to convince you of it, he wore things like cashmere sweaters, made to measure suits and snazzy shades. You know if someone uses the word ‘snazzy’ that you’ve achieved your goal.

5. James Bond

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Jimmy Bond has always been a super-stylish character. That’s a given, but one Jimmy suit stands out above all the others for me. In 1987 I went on a first date with my first ex-wife to see The Living Daylights. I can’t remember much about the plot (was there a train in it?), but the three-piece navy suit with chalk striping, that shit blew my mind. In fact I wore something similar to the wedding. We were divorced soon after, but I can tell you it wasn’t because of the suit! It still looks great today But that’s Jim Bond for you, whether he is in action, driving, on a beach or at a casino, he always looks great. It’s fair to say that even if Bond was in his pyjamas, enjoying Gaming Club casino games at mobilecasinoaustralia, he’d still be a fashion icon.

4. Andy Sachs

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The Devil Wears Prada came out in 2006, I remember because I spent some time trying to convince Meryl Streep to marry me after my fifth ex-wife left me for dead (not even a slice of ham in the fridge). The film, if I’m not mistaken was all about the fashion industry. And that one, Anne Hathaway played a super stylish intern called Andy Sachs (Andy was a girl’s name in this instance).  She was the best looking Andy I’d ever seen in her cap and over-the-knee boots.

3. Jules Winnfield

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Think of a criminal in a black suit, white shirt and black tie and you probably think of everyone in Reservoir Dogs or Pulp Fiction. And they all looked grand. Stylish-ish, you could say. But throw in an afro and you get the most stylish one of the lot. Samuel L. Jackson’s character in Pulp Fiction is the most memorable both because of his speeches and his style – vaguely retro but non era-specific, his cool look will never go out of fashion.

2. Axel Foley

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Eddie Murphy’s wisecracking cop in the 1982 film Beverly Hills Cop managed to avoid looking too 80s in hindsight. Which in itself is a major accomplishment, not many of us made it through that decade without looking silly (don’t look up his outfits in his stand up specials). But just wearing a laid-back jeans, t-shirt and jacket combination, made him look not bothered with the 80s, and loads of other guys wanted to pull off his look. Of course, a lot of people in the 80s weren’t aware how ridiculous the 80s were. 

1. Zoolander

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And so we’ve made it to the top of the pile. The most stylish of them all. Male model, icon, Mugatu defeater – Zoolander! Ben Stiller who is the famous actor who portrayed Zoolander (yes, he’s just a character) rocked a range of amazing high fashion outfits. And this year we’re getting a sequel, fifteen years later and not a moment too soon. I, for one, can’t wait to see if he’s still got his finger on the pulse. Maybe he’ll have some leather jogging pants? Let’s wait and see.

Zoolander is returning to our screens this year so we’ll all be able to take a leaf out of his book and get stylish.