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Gear up for an eerily pleasant listen as we tackle the career of horror heavyweight Donald Pleasence. In our first of three podcasts on horror icons we examine Pleasence’s first forays into horror with an episode of The Twilight Zone and the janky UK anthology film Tales That Witness Madness. Best known as Dr Samuel Loomis – a role he’d play four more times – in John Carpenter’s Halloween, Pleasence would work with Carpenter twice more in Escape From New York and Prince of Darkness. Along with Carpenter, Pleasence would collaborate with another icon of 70s and 80s horror in Dario Argento’s bizarro sci-fi/giallo slasher Phenomena alongside a chimpanzee and a teenage Jennifer Connolly. Although Pleasence has an unbelievable 238 credits to his name it would be a 90 second Public Service Announcement in 1973 that would cement his reputation as a horror icon especially among children. The Spirit of Dark and Lonely Water advised children against playing near dangerous water with Pleasence voicing the titular spirit. It is still spoken of today in hushed tones, half-remembered in nightmares and on cold, misty days the wind seems to whisper the refrain “I’ll be back, back, back…”

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I Know That Face
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