I Know That Face | Song Kang-ho

Following up on their episode on South Korean cinema, hosts Stephen and Andrew dive into the career of South Korean everyman Song Kang-ho – widely loved in his home nation and abroad for performances in the films of several masters such as Bong Joon-ho, Park Chan-wook and Lee Chang-dong. Emerging first in thrillers Shiri and Joint Security Area, Song secured his place as the hot dad of South Korean cinema in the likes of Symapthy for Mr Vengeance and The Host (pictured) before coming to global attention in Snowpiercer and this year’s Oscar winner Parasite. Song Kang-ho’s expressive face and ability to slip from lighter-than-air comedy and pitch black darkness – sometimes within a single scene – has kept him in demand for nearly a quarter century.

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I Know That Face
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