I Know That Face | William H. Macy (with Saul Delmore Philbin Bowman)

This week Andrew and Stephen are joined by YouTube soft drinks reviewer and Mystery Men enthusiast Saul Delmore Philbin Bowman to discuss a living legend in the character actor world: William H. Macy. Known best for his work in the 1990s as Jerry Lundegaard in Fargo, Little Bill in Boogie Nights and Quiz Kid Donnie Smith in Magnolia, Macy has been working since the early 70s in theatre, film and TV. Discussed in this episode are his roles in the pre-Marvel superhero team-up Mystery Men, the Las Vegas crime-drama The Cooler and his barely there appearances in Air Force One and as the best buddy to Mel Gibson in Blood Father. Throughout his career Macy has put his sad sack persona to great effect wringing both tears and laughter from audiences and moustache aficionados alike.

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