Jurassic World | Trailer Review

You may have noticed yesterday in The Showreel that I was quite excited about the upcoming release of the Jurassic World trailer next Thursday night… well thanks to the lovely people at the internet, it has been released early! Woo! So check it out…

[youtube id=”RFinNxS5KN4" align=”right” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”550"]

It looks pretty damn good, with plenty of humans for eating, along with some great looking CGI and Chris Pratt (he’s great). There is also a giant dinosaur eating a shark.

Although I’m sure some Dinosceptics out there will have problems with a genetically engineered Dinohybrid, and there will always be the Dinopurists who believe that a Velociraptor should never be muzzled, and of course you will always have the Dinocynics who think this is all a load of crap. Well, do you know what Dinocynics?! Go home… Jurassic World has no place for you! It’s due for release in June 2015.


Note: The tamed Velociraptor’s should have leather vests like Chris Pratt. I know it’s probably too late but this needs to happen!