Kid Cosmic | A Sci-Fi Series for Kids that Adults Can Enjoy Too

Kid Cosmic is a fun, 10 episode-long, animated adventure from the mind of Craig McCracken, creator of The Powerpuff Girls. As an animation lover, I was excited to see the show on the strength of its trailer. The teaser boasted a 2D retro comic book style that suggested a freshness whilst still evoking nostalgia for older comics. This style fits the ageless premise of the series. Five unlikely heroes find five cosmic stones that grant them powers. More unique though is that two of these five friends are a cat that can see the future and a toddler that can grow to gigantic heights.

Once the series hit Netflix, thankfully my hopes weren’t dashed. Kid Cosmic is a thrill ride from start to finish filled with interesting and thought-provoking moments referencing the best of the sci-fi and superhero genres. On top of this, the diverse set of characters and their hilarious back and forth quips only serve to enhance the overall experience of binging.

While still rare in Western animation, the serialized format of Kid Cosmic provides a great platform to push these characters and their conflicts forward into new, exciting territory. Meanwhile, the setting – a vast North American highway surrounded by desert – is a strong backdrop to our protagonists’ adventures, one that makes the character designs pop and sets the stage for some gorgeous staging.

The animation of the show is fluid and smooth – similar in its simplicity and bright colours to The Powerpuff Girls – while the pacing is strong throughout. While I did find there was a noticeable dip in quality in the show’s fourth episode – perhaps down to the plotline – it’s clear the writers were experimenting here and that’s admirable in its own right. Plus, later episodes make up for this in droves.


In terms of the voice cast, there are stellar performances from actors like Tom Kenny (the voice of Spongebob Squarepants) and Fred Tatasciore who fit their characters’ designs perfectly. While the voice of Kid Cosmic (Jack Fisher) was annoying at times, it is played as such and as the season goes on you warm to the hero and his struggle to find his place in the world. The show charts his growth from being selfish and reluctant to part with any of the cosmic stones to forming a team that work together using them. This culminates in a season finale that, whilst somewhat anticlimactic, wraps up the season nicely and gives closure to a few long running plot threads.

The overall moral of the series may be basic. That said, it is subtly weaved throughout the series and takes a backseat to the overall story – serving as a device to bring the characters together to defeat enemies.

While most definitely a show for children, there is enough great comedy, fun animation and intriguing plot developments in Kid Cosmic to hold the attention of an adult. This is a show for the family to sit down and view together. I just hope the second season comes soon because Kid Cosmic is a series that deserves to stick around.

Kid Cosmic is streaming on Netflix

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