New Trailers 15 | Aladdin, Child’s Play and Pet Sematary

New Trailers on Headstuff is the place to catch up on all the latest teasers released in the world of Film and TV. Stephen Porzio tells you what’s hot and what’s not.

Most Anticipated – Child’s Play, Dir Lars Klevberg

Outside of all the Super Bowl trailers – which will not be covered here as Headstuff’s Paddy O’Leary wrote about them in a separate article – the most noteworthy teaser from the past fortnight is for the Chucky reboot. Aubrey Plaza and Brian Tyree Henry facing off against a killer doll – yes please.

2. Ash is Purest White – Dir Jia Zhangke

Palme d’Or competitor at last year’s Cannes, Ash is Purest White takes place in an industrial city in China. There, a young dancer falls in love with a mobster. When a fight breaks out between rival gangs, she uses a gun to protect her boyfriend and is sent to prison for five years. Leaving jail years later, she sets out to find him.

Blending gangster thriller and melodrama, this trailer looks suitably epic and features some luxurious Wong Kar-wai-esque cinematography. Currently boasting a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes, Irish audiences can see the film February 28 as part of the Virgin Media Dublin International Film Festival.

3. Pet Sematary – Dir Dennis Widmyer, Kevin Kolsch

Featuring moody washed out visuals, ominous forests and children in creepy masks, this seems moody as all hell. John Lithgow as Jud Crandall already looks iconic. Even with the decision to change which child dies from the source material, this will probably make hundreds of millions of dollars a la 2017’s fellow Stephen King adaptation It.


4. Pain and Glory – Dir Pedro Almodovar 

Spanish auteur Pedro Almodovar reunites with muses Antonio Banderas (The Skin I Live In) and Penelope Cruz (Volver) for this tale of a filmmaker reflecting on his life choices, which we see through flashbacks. Even with no dialogue, there is a sadness that runs throughout this trailer, suggesting the writer-director is still playing in the melancholy melodrama mode of his last feature – 2016’s Julieta.

Least Favourite – Aladdin, Dir Guy Ritchie

I held off writing about the first Aladdin teaser last year as it didn’t feature Will Smith as the genie, let’s face it – what we all were curious to see. Now we finally have a glimpse and its super weird – caught in the uncanny valley between Watchmen’s Dr Manhattan and Tobias Funke after blueing himself. This, coupled with the artificial looking deserts in the TV spots below, doesn’t cast a magic spell.

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