New Trailers 7 | Destroyer, High Life and Pet Sematary

New Trailers on Headstuff is the place to catch up on all the latest teasers released in the world of Film and TV. Stephen Porzio tells you what’s hot.

Most Anticipated – High Life,  Dir. Claire Denis

French auteur Claire Denis continues her run of idiosyncratic takes on genre flicks (Trouble Every Day, Bastards, Let the Sunshine In) with her sci-fi and English language debut High Life. Starring Robert Pattinson, the film centres on a group of criminals tricked into believing they will be freed if they participate in a mission to travel on a spaceship towards a black hole to find an alternate energy source. Meanwhile, a strange doctor (Juliette Binoche) begins sexual experimenting on the prisoners. Looking like a blend of Alien 3, Event Horizon and Interstellar but weirder, High Life could reach new levels of what the fuckery.

2. Pet Sematary, Dir. Dennis Widmyer, Kevin Kolsch

One of the many upcoming Stephen King adaptations (we also have It: Chapter Two, In the Tall Grass and Doctor Sleep to look forward to), this take on the horror maestro’s most upsetting novel does not appear to be holding back.

Relying more on dark, eerie atmospherics – children in animal masks will never cease to unease – than jump scares, the teaser suggests the end product will be a mature horror flick on par with last year’s great King-based tales 1922 and Gerald’s Game. There’s also some great alluding to the more disturbing moments in the source material.


3. Destroyer, Dir. Karyn Kusama

Karyn Kusama and Nicole Kidman – two great talents in a period of resurgence following some missteps – team up for this dark, grim but exciting looking crime thriller. Kidman plays a washed-up detective, struggling to cope after a stint of undercover work with a California gang gone wrong. Told through flashbacks, the film explores what exactly went down in the past, as the leader of said gang re-emerges in the present.

The teaser for the film showcases some solid action. However, it’s Kidman’s impressively disheveled appearance as a worn out cop which could make her a dark horse in the upcoming Oscar race.

4. Narcos: Mexico, Netflix

One of Netflix’s most solid crime dramas, Narcos is rebooting for it’s fourth season – moving from Columbia to Mexico to explore a whole new drug trade. In doing so, it has added new cast members Diego Luna (Rogue One, Contraband) and Michael Pena (Ant-Man, War on Everyone). They can be seen below in the gloriously Goodfellas-esque teaser, set to Grandmaster Flash’s classic track ‘White Lines’.

5. The Boy Who Would be King, Dir Joe Cornish

The Attack the Block director finally returns with this fun teaser for his upcoming film about a young boy (Louis Serkis, son of Andy) who finds and pulls King Arthur’s famous sword – discovering he is destined to fight in an upcoming battle. Although it feels slightly lightweight, the trailer is winningly goofy, goddamn charming and features a fantastic table gag.

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