New Trailers 13 | The Hole in the Ground, Velvet Buzzsaw and Weird City

New Trailers on Headstuff is the place to catch up on all the latest teasers released in the world of Film and TV. Stephen Porzio tells you what’s hot.

Most Anticipated – Velvet Buzzsaw – Dir Dan Gilroy

Re-teaming Jake Gyllenhaal with the writer-director of his best film Nightcrawlerthe actor leads a star-studded cast (John Malkovich,  Rene Russo, Toni Collette to name just a few) in this blend of art-world parody and vengeful ghost horror. 

While it’s a little heavy on spoilers, this trailer is wickedly funny. Some of Gyllenhaal’s line delivery evokes his similarly whacky turn in Okja. If Dan Gilroy can juggle these comedic elements with horror – it should be said a clash of tones sunk his last effort Roman J. Israel – this could be really special.

Velvet Buzzsaw drops on Netflix worldwide February 1. I shan’t say more about it because ‘critique is so limiting and emotionally draining.’

2. The Hole in the Ground – Dir Lee Cronin

After a string some of great homegrown horrors (A Dark Song, Citadel, Without Name), comes the feature length debut of writer-director Lee Cronin. The Hole in the Ground stars Seana Kerslake as a mother to a young son who discovers an ominous sinkhole buried deep in the forest that borders their home.


Based on the filmmaker’s early shorts (watch the fantastic Ghost Train here) and this trailer, it looks like the trend of strong Irish horror will continue. In fact, between The Hole in the Ground’s dark rural setting, use of Celtic Mythology and deployment in the trailer of Lisa Hannigan’s haunting ‘Weile Weile Waile’ cover,  the Emerald Isle has never seemed so spooky.

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3. Weird City – Youtube Premium

Ever wish Black Mirror would lighten up? Weird City may just be for you. From the mind of Jordan Peele and his Key & Peele collaborator Charlie Sanders comes this comedy sci-fi anthology.

The trailer highlights some nifty effects, a stacked roster of actors and funny, futuristic scenarios that seem to predict where society is heading. As of yet, it seems like the best reason to get Youtube Premium.

4. Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror – Dir Xavier Burgin

Speaking of Jordan Peele, he and his directorial debut Get Out are featured in this new documentary from streaming service Shudder. The doc charts how in horror cinema black people ‘shifted from being the vocal point of the fear to being the heroes’.

Featuring interviews with the likes of Ken Foree (Dawn of the Dead), Tony Todd (Candyman), as well as Tananarive Due – the UCLA professor who designed an entire course around Get Out – one imagines the film will make a nice companion piece to Peele’s upcoming horror noire Us.

5. Close – Dir Vicky Jewson / Polar – Dir Jonas Åkerlund

Netflix released a ton of trailers in the past fortnight – see the teasers for documentary Fyre and sci-fi Io by following the links. However, their two upcoming action movies are what I’m truly excited for.

The best of the pair is Close (out Jan 18). Noomi Rapace stars as a character heavily based on one of the world’s real life leading female bodyguards. Here, she must protect an heiress from highly trained kidnappers. One hopes this gives Rapace the chance to become the action hero she should have after Dragon Tattoo and Prometheus.

Meanwhile, the much dumber looking Polar (out Jan 25) stars Mads Mikkelsen as the world’s leading hitman ‘The Black Kaiser’. Or at least he was before retiring. However, in his new status, his old employers consider him a liability and send people to kill him. They must have never seen John Wick. 

This looks like trash. However helmed by acclaimed music video director Jonas Akerlund, it could be cool, flashy trash.

6. Game of Thrones , HBO

Lastly, HBO broke the internet when they released the first teaser for the last season of global phenomenon Game of Thrones. Available to watch below, it is both cryptic and takes place in a crypt.

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