New Trailers 9 | Detective Pikachu, Dumbo and Gloria Bell

Julianne Moore takes centre stage as Chilean-Argentinian director Sebastián Lelio (A Fantastic Woman, Disobedience) remakes his own 2013 comedy-drama Gloria. Focusing on a middle age divorcee who finds herself dating again, this looks like it should appeal to fans of films like 20th Century Women or Aquarius – great movies with strong middle aged female protagonists which sadly there is not enough of

Also, Moore and John Turturro date in this. That’s worth the price of admission alone.

2. The Hook Up Plan, Netflix

This eight-part French series drops to Netflix December 7 and looks super charming. Set in modern day Paris, the romantic comedy follows a group of friends who rally around their perpetually single girlfriend Elsa, who can’t figure out why she is so unlucky in love. In a misguided attempt to build back Elsa’s confidence, Charlotte and Emilie hire a male escort to renew Elsa’s faith in dating.

This trailer is really funny, implying the show will make brilliantly frothy Christmas break binging. Meanwhile, if still not sold, the show’s Love Actually inspired teaser below should.


3. Dumbo, Dir Tim Burton

Could Tim Burton be back? This sweeping epic teaser for his remake of the classic Disney animation seems to suggest so. Although his sets still look worryingly artificial, this trailer holds a power with one or two moments already getting this reviewer choked up.

4. Fighting With My Family, Dir Stephen Merchant

Comedian Stephen Merchant’s continues his unusual career path by writing and directing this biopic on the life of English wrestler Paige (played by the rising star Florence Pugh). This trailer gives away too much of the film’s plot. Yet, Merchant’s script sounds witty. Dwayne Johnson plays an earlier version of himself and has a hysterical freakout at Paige and her brother Zodiac (Jack Lowden). Meanwhile, the movie’s stellar cast featuring Lena Headey and Vince Vaughn, both against type, should make this worthwhile.

5. Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle, Dir Andy Serkis

After numerous delays to work on special effects, motion capture pioneer Andy Serkis’ take on The Jungle Book is finally set to be released via Netflix December 7. We finally got a glimpse of some footage,,,

and it looks exactly like Jon Favreau’s 2016 movie based on the same book. However, that’s not to say it looks bad. The special effects are impressive and there are glimpses of the darker adaptation Serkis has promised. Let’s just hope he delivers.

6. Detective Pikachu, Dir. Rob Letterman

“Mr Pikachu, you could have saved them. I gave you all the clues.”

While it’s sad Det. Pikachu is more of an amateur sleuth then a Humphrey Bogart pastiche and the premise of this flick is still genuinely baffling, it must be said the movie looks interestingly weird and the Pokemon Go world is well-realised.

Least Anticipated – Toy Story 4, Dir. Josh Cooley

This teaser was going to have to be really strong to make people excited about a film which should not exist and feels like a cash grab. And you know what? Sporkman does not inspire confidence, particularly in a week where Pikachu is a detective.

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