The Stag

John Butler and crew filmed ‘The Stag’ or ‘The Bachelor Weekend’ as it will be known in foreign markets, over four weeks last August. I would love to say you couldn’t tell, but for me its greatest faults lay in the production value.


Hugh O’Connor’s performance dwindled here and there, but he grew on me as the film progressed. Peter McDonald, who co-penned the film, gave a garish performance, but hilariously garish, so he was forgiven. And Andrew Scott was great although it took me a while to see him as anyone other than Moriarty.


It’s a very formulaic comedy, but I wouldn’t hold that against it; some of my favourite ones are. I could see the jokes coming but that didn’t stop me from laughing.  I cared for all the right characters at all the right times, and came away with a smile.


To sum up: It was grand.