The Worst Films of 2015

Well, here we are at the end of 2015 and it has been another magnificent year for film, both in terms of great films, and huge box office returns. Here we look back at some of the worst, and some of the most contentious from 2015.

Thanks to all the film writers of HeadStuff who chipped in with their thoughts. So here are all the films in no particular order! Enjoy.

The Worst Films of 2015

Terminator Genisys - HeadStuff.orgTerminator Genisys

Going to see this because you loved the first two Terminator films is like having an old friend badger you into going out on a Tuesday when you’re really busy. Emilia Clarke is miscast, somehow everyone, including Arnold, is bad and the messy script quotes scenes from the James Cameron instalments like a shitfaced film student and without any understanding of why those moments were great to begin with. Don’t do it to yourself. – GM

Jupitier Ascenining poster Channing Tatum Wachowski Siblings Mila Kunis headstuff.orgJupiter Ascending

This was an utter mess. From the minds who brought you The Matrix and the astounding Cloud Atlas came Jupiter Ascending – what can only be described as a shitstorm of bad ideas featuring some of the worse dialogue in the history of speaking, story movements that were designed solely to fill time, and a plot so convoluted and absurd that even the hardiest of science fiction fans were left asking why the fuck this film was ever made? It also has Eddie Redmayne (that’s the Oscar winning Eddie Redmayne) in what can only be described as the single worst performance of all time. Some say it might become a cult classic in years to come, but whatever cult this is I assume they will not have sensory organs because Jupiter Ascending it atrocious. PM


The Fantastic Four Reboot Superhero Movie -HeadStuff.orgFantastic Four

Fantastic Four can only be described as an absolute load of trousers. Making use of every trope known in super-heroic cinema, from the clipped final scene to the intervention of a government agency in the plot, FF fails to add anything new or even vaguely entertaining into the mix. It’s a reminder that no matter how beloved the characters and how strong the fan-base, if you make a crap movie it will get panned, your franchise will crumble before your eyes, and you will make zero dolla’ bills. A huge disappointment, especially seen as the cast showed real potential. – ER

Spectre Featured Image - HeadStuff.orgSpectre

A suitable title for a film that was a pale shadow of what it could/should have been; Spectre was the result of perfect storm – an actor who seemed to be operating on autopilot, a director who didn’t seem interested at all and a plot that didn’t seem to exist. Craig is undoubtably the best Bond since Connery but in this, his fourth outing, he is simply going through the motions. Christopher Waltz, so famous for his menacing turn as Hans Landa in Inglorious Basterds, brought absolutely no bite to Oberhauser, only a smug grin that quickly became annoying as opposed to unnerving. Spectre fell apart after an amazing open sequence and even though it boasted all the Bond essentials (girls, cars, action set pieces, one liners and dastardly henchmen – Mr. Hinx was the best henchman since Odd Job) these elements just didn’t mix creating an often dull, underwhelming film and easily one of the worst since the latter days of Moore’s reign. And don’t get me started on that bloody song… – GC

Chris Pratt Jurassic World - HeadStuff.orgJurassic World

Jurassic World is everything that’s wrong with the world at the moment. With the collective imagination of Hollywood apparently bankrupt, nostalgia and brand management seem to be playing a more and more important role in deciding which films get made. Without even registering why the original Jurassic Park was so enjoyable, a relatively simple idea rendered through technical skill and a cinematic flare, Jurassic World shamelessly panders to the ageing masses who desperately crave the security of their childhood. Other than a few scenes where two boys light a fire in the old set, this film has literally nothing to do with Jurassic Park. Pants. – ER

Get Hard movie Starring Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart - Headstuff.orgGet Hard

There’s a lot wrong with Get Hard: it plays fast and loose with stereotypes, its leading men aren’t likeable, at 107 minutes it’s about 25 minutes too long, but worst of all, Get Hard is not funny, at all. There’s a worrying trend in recent Hollywood comedies that sees improvisation favoured over tight scripting. Get Hard is overlong because its director and actors are scrounging for funny, spoiler alert, they don’t find it, but they do find racism! That’s fun… right? LM

The Most Contentious Films of 2015

Ant Man starrung Paul Rudd trailer the showreel - HeadStuff.orgAnt-Man

Why it’s good – It may not have been a massive box-office hit but it is clear to see why many cinema-goers were enamoured by the miniature hero. Plenty of laughs, big CGI fight scenes and Paul Rudd. What’s not to love. Written by Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz) and Joe Cornish (The Adam and Joe Show) with additional laughs thrown in by Paul Rudd (Wet Hot American Summer, This Is 40) and Adam McKay (writer/director of Anchorman and The Other Guys), there was no fear of this one being too serious. – POL

Why it’s bad – It had the makings for something beautiful, in fact something intelligent, funny and downright strange due to its eccentric script writers (Edgar Wright & Joe Cornish). What it was, was a film that focused more on tying up Phase 2 and setting up Phase 3 then introducing a new hero. A film that allowed its individuality to be smothered by blockbuster attitudes with a one dimensional villain as the cherry on top. Anyone expecting a ramped up Guardians alá Wright, steer clear. – EON

Avengers Age OF Ultron Featured Image - HeadStuff.orgAvengers: Age of Ultron

Why it’s good – In the pantheon of Supermovies Age of Ultron is not the best, but it was still a very good film. We got to delve deeper into some of the characters that were out-shadowed by the Marvel goliaths, as Hawkeye, Hulk and Black Widow all share plenty of screen-time. We are gifted to a brilliant villain in Ultron and get plenty of easter-egg-styled nods to future projects in the pipeline. By the end of the movie we have a different sense of what the Avengers will become and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, moving forward, looks only better with the Civil War trailer. It is a must watch for all fans of the franchise, or anyone who wants to know what is going on when you are going to Civil War. And you have to go see that. – POL

Why it’s bad – The continuation of the Marvel universe had everything a fan of the franchise wanted – new good guys, new bad guys, new easter eggs hinting at what’s to come – but what about the people who are not huge fans? What about the people who think these films are “grand”. For me, Age of Ultron lacked any real scenes of significance and immediately after watching it I was stumped as to remember the defining scene of the film. The high water mark for superhero movies is The Dark Knight which featured iconic scene after iconic scene. Age of Ultron struggles in that respect. The Marvel universe is what it is – a billion dollar making machine – but there is a lack of inventiveness and originality in the Avenger’s story and Age of Ultron did more to push me away from that universe than it did to draw me in. – PM

Well there you have it. So, what one’s did we miss, what ones do you agree with and what ones did we completely get wrong?? Let us know. Here’s hoping 2016 will feature as many cinematic joys as 2015.

Thanks to Matt Mahon for the featured image.