TV Preview | Fear The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead comic-book creator Robert Kirkman and his team of producers have gone all the way back in time to before Rick Grimes wakes up from that coma. Before the zombie apocalypse turned America into a free for all and how it affects a family in a sunny LA setting. Check out the trailer below.

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This will have a different feel to The Walking Dead where Rick wakes up and automatically senses something is wrong. He’s not given time to get his head together before he’s out-running zombies.  It explains the start of the virus as a flu epidemic with a news voice over reporting how a mysterious flu has infected five states. There isn’t a huge amount of zombies roaming around initially, more like deserted streets and eerie darkness to set the mood. There are missing posters up of the poor souls who we can assume have already passed over to the dark side and impressive news bulletin footage of a man who despite being shot numerous times continues to walk towards his shooters. It then descends into madness with anarchy taking over the streets and we can see our dear characters really start to panic. Imagine if they knew what we already know?!

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Fear the Walking Dead premieres August 23rd via

Another plot mix up is the main characters. A couple planning to get married, and the children of one of the engaged lovebirds. One of whom is Nick who has quite a big part in the pilot episode witnessing one of the earliest zombie attacks but since he is a drug addict he isn’t taken seriously. Worst. Mistake. Ever.


Unlike Rick Grimes who has to scramble to safety while not really having a clue what’s going on; these guys have it slightly different. They grow into their new surroundings. They realise that a zombie outbreak is actually happening.  With this in mind you can bet the first season will move a lot faster than first season of The Walking Dead.  They will watch on as society and infrastructure eventually break down because the zombies aren’t horrible rotten monsters yet, just your regular crazy flesh eating killers.

While rumours of a complete series cross over hasn’t been confirmed yet there will be a lot of referencing towards the original series so essentially you can watch season 1 of The Walking Dead and it will tie in with Fear the Walking Dead.

The one thing we do know for sure is don’t get attached. If it is to be as brutal as ripping our favourite characters away from us as the original series was, it’ll surely be a roller coaster. I still haven’t got over (spoiler alert!) Hershel and Dale getting killed. Damn those zombies, murderous hooligans!

Fear the Walking Dead premieres on AMC on Sunday August 23rd.