5 Video Games in Need of a Remaster

Remakes have been becoming increasingly popular over the past few years, with the likes of Crash Bandicoot and Final Fantasy VII being two of the more notable. That doesn’t mean that all fan favorites are being remade. Quite the opposite; there are a few notable 1990’s and 2000’s video games that could benefit drastically from a remake. With some updated graphics and the removal of some glitches, there are a few video game remakes that could be well received by gamers around the work.

Perfect Dark

Developed by the studio behind Golden Eye, Perfect Dark had a lot of hype leading up to its release. When released in 2000, there were quite a few different issues with it. That doesn’t mean that the story wasn’t well received; instead, many gamers fell in love with the story in spite of these. While a 2005 prequel managed to overcome many of these, it didn’t manage to capture the magic of the first game.

Throughout the first person shooter, players control Joanna Dark, an agent who uncovers an extraterrestrial conspiracy by the dataDyne corporation. For anyone looking for a more violent version of Golden Eye, it certainly hit the mark. With some of the glitches that were obvious from the outset, this enjoyment was still pretty restricted. An HD re-skin was released for the Xbox, although this was far short of the remake that many people were expected.

With the love that many people had for the storyline and some of the original version’s features, Perfect Dark is certainly a game that could benefit from a complete remaster. By overhauling the graphics and removing the glitches that made it somewhat notorious, developer Rare would certainly have the start of a successful franchise on its hands.


Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver

The entire Legacy of Kain franchise has been beloved for years, with Soul Reaver standing out as a PlayStation 1 masterpiece. Though dated, the graphics still look impressive for a game that’s almost twenty years old. Much of the franchise was ahead of it’s time, and this is perfectly on show with Soul Reaver. Blending hack and slash combat with exploration, the game contained features that few games at the time, and which even less had managed to master so well.

The Punisher

With The Punisher receiving a significant amount of fanfare on Netflix, it’s only natural that many of us would want to step into Frank Castle’s boots. Though a new game based on the character mightn’t be coming, there is one that was close to perfect. Released in 2005, The Punisher received a significant amount of controversy alongside its fanfare.

Developer Volition had created a game so violent that it makes the Netflix version of the character look like Cinderella. Because of that, the Volition was forced to blur and grey scale much of the game. While the graphics may be somewhat dated, a remake could fix that, as well as tone down some if the violence that it became infamous for. With fatalities that could rival Mortal Kombat, who wouldn’t want to feel what it’s like to be The Punisher for a few hours?

Die Hard

While the entire Die Hard trilogy were great instalments respectively, the original was one of the few highly successful third-person shooters at the time. Released in 1996, Die Hard saw players battling terrorists and rescuing hostages, with the plot only being loosely based on the events in the first movie. The next two instalments were both in different genres, although they received some acclaim in their own right. A modern remaster of the game could become quite successful with a few tweaks and updated graphics. Yippee ki yay Call of Duty? Please?

Syphon Filter

While there were a lot of third-person shooters released for the PlayStation 1, very few featured level design as clever as Syphon Filter. Tasked with investigating a series of biological outbreaks, players control Gabe Logan, an agent taking on terrorist Erich Rhoemer. Syphon Filter became a classic overnight and helped its developers become a major studio in the following years. Their most recent title? Days Gone.

With the expertise they’ve developed since Syphon Filter was released, the developers could revisit the game and create a remaster that could have just as much hype as Days Gone has had in the past few months. The remaster would be a dream come true for many of us who grew up with the original PlayStation.

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