Can Video Game Music Boost Workplace Productivity?

Are you excited about the idea of going to work each day? Or do you find that your duties are so monotonous that you spend all week wishing it was Friday? If you find yourself in the latter, then your routine could benefit from the stimulating sounds of your favorite video game soundtrack.

Many believe that these largely instrumental anthems can bolster creativity and increase employee effectiveness during even the most mundane and repetitive tasks. Some have also found that music from specific games can lead to increased concentration and improved morale during the workday. If you are looking for a change, read on to see how your work routine could benefit from a much-needed change of rhythm.

Why Video Game Music?

Since before World War I, music has continued to show its worth in society. During the war, doctors used music to help soldiers deal with trauma. By 1950, the emergence of music therapy careers was proof that certain rhythms could uplift anyone from a child being admitted to a hospital to an employee dealing with stress and fatigue.

Whether you are trying to heal your body or finish an analytics report before the boss comes calling, the most productive music may be that from your favorite video game. Before thinking about the work aspect, consider the role of the music in video games. Usually uptempo and upbeat, the music keeps up an energizing rhythm while setting a compelling mood. However, although it is motivating, the music usually stays in the background and does not distract the player from the game. It is in this way that video music can also be a productive force in the office.


Video game music is also typically emotional and stimulating, especially the soundtracks to epic adventures such as those featured in the Legend of Zelda games. This type of music can change the dullness of filing paperwork into an exciting and important mission that only a hero like you can complete! The fact that video game music usually doesn’t contain lyrics is helpful as well, as when we hear others talk while we are trying to work, our attention is split rather than focused on the task at hand.

Music and Productivity

There’s no question that distractions can lead to reduced productivity. Distracting environments have even been linked to poor candidate interviews. So how can music, which can doubtlessly serve as a distraction, improve productivity?

The fact is that music can be a useful factor in various types of work environments. For those in creative fields, playing video game music at a moderate noise level is ideal for triggering imaginative thinking, though loud music can overwhelm our brains, leading us to struggle with the task at hand. In any field, it can be tough to be productive after a long day when fatigue becomes a major factor. When we listen to music, the sounds compete for our attention, essentially putting this fatigue on the back burner — as long as it is playing at a reasonable volume.

Video game music also has applications in other industries. In the field of health, for example, music can help doctors perform surgery more efficiently, and it has also been found that the beat of songs by the Backstreet Boys and Lynyrd Skynyrd can match the rhythm for properly performing CPR.

Many lists have been created by business professionals that outline some of the best video game music to listen to for maximum proficiency. The music from Mario games is ideal for the most mundane tasks like data entry because its upbeat sound keeps you focused and makes a monotonous task much easier to get through. Many others suggest the song “Beacon” from the video game Fez, because it creates a relaxing atmosphere while also improving concentration.

A Game Changer for Remote Employees

As technology continues to advance, so does the rise of the remote employee. These days, more and more companies are encouraging employees to telecommute to work, allowing people to work from the comfort of their home while the company saves money on space and utilities. However, while working in your pajamas might be an attractive idea at first, only those who have strong self-discipline can retain focus and avoid the many distractions that their home may present.

Video game music can be the solution to this unique working environment. Many work-from-home opportunities involve repetitive work that can get tiring after a short time if not properly managed. When you listen to video game soundtracks, especially to games that you enjoy, it can be a distraction that can keep you motivated and keep the thoughts of boredom in the background.

Another key is listening to music that you already know, the kind of songs that you are familiar with and that you find yourself humming out of the blue. This is the ideal type of background music because it usually does not create the distractions that a new song might. Listening to new music gets you wondering about the game, the scene that the score could be from, and what kind of action you could be getting into if you were playing instead of working. The key is to create a relaxing atmosphere — not a disruptive one.

If you are looking for a way to focus in the office or at home as you work remotely, try video game music. Try different songs as you complete various tasks and see which score works best for you. Figure out the right combination, and you could be the hero of the office!

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