Rate My Set-up: How to Create the Ultimate Gaming Room

There’s at least one active gamer in three-quarters of all American households. Thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic, that number may even be on the rise. More Americans than ever are stuck at home and trying to find ways not only to pass the time but to distract themselves. 

Gaming can be a great way to relieve stress, but if you’re planning on playing for prolonged periods of time, it may not be enough to just camp out on your couch or in your bedroom, huddled over a television or PC. 

The face of gaming is changing, thanks to subscription games, free-play, and multiplayer online platforms. Because of that, you can create a space that really works for you without having to worry about a lot of bulky equipment or physical games taking up space. 

So, whether you’ve been gaming more while in quarantine, or you’re an avid player who wants to upgrade your space, let’s look at a few ways to put together the ultimate gaming room. 


Show Off Your Style

First thing’s first – the ultimate gaming room should be the ultimate reflection of your style and personality. If you’re going to be the one using it, don’t be afraid to completely transform it into your ideal space! Maybe that means hanging up posters of your favorite games or having a mini-fridge and snack bar nearby. It could also simply mean rearranging the furniture and lighting to better fit your needs. 

If you’re not sure where to start, one way to completely transform a room with little effort is to paint the walls. Adding a splash of color to your gaming room can make a big difference, and it can completely change the mood of the room itself. Certain colors can even set certain tones for the room: 

  • Blue: Cool and calming
  • Yellow: Vibrant and energetic
  • Green: Peaceful and productive
  • Purple: Imaginative
  • Red: Energy and confidence

By deciding which colors will work best for the mood you’re trying to set, you can feel good about changing things up and developing a specific atmosphere. You don’t necessarily need to paint every wall. Starting with a neutral color and adding splashes of brighter tones here and there can do the trick, too. If you’re not comfortable painting, utilize different colors in your decor including furniture, pillows, or pieces of artwork. 

Energy-Efficient Gaming

You already know you’re tech-savvy; you don’t need us to tell you. So, why not put your digital know-how to good use, and make sure you’re saving energy in the process? If you tend to be a frequent gamer or use a lot of additional electrical appliances in your home, it’s worth it to work towards energy-efficient upgrades. You can start by changing a few things in your ultimate game room: 

  • Installing energy-efficient LED lighting
  • Keeping your vents/registers cleared from debris and objects
  • Sealing leaky heating/cooling ducts

You can also make larger upgrades throughout your whole home by installing a programmable thermostat and having your HVAC system regularly maintained and cleaned. 


Not only can making these simple switches have a positive impact on the environment, but you’re likely to notice some changes in your utility bills since less energy will be used throughout your home. You can pay your monthly subscription to PlayStation Now with the money you’ll save. 

Make Sure to Move

As you probably know, it’s easy to get distracted when you’re caught in the middle of a game. As of 2019, gamers spent an average of 7 hours playing each week. If you’re gaming during the quarantine and feel as though you don’t have much else to do, that number is probably on the rise. 

But if you’re staring at a screen for hours on end, it’s important to give yourself frequent breaks, especially to get up and get moving. That means more than just going to the fridge for another snack. 

You can actually give yourself an energy boost and keep your focus sharper by staying active. By getting a little exercise, you’ll feel less cooped up and anxious after playing for a while, especially if you’ve been gaming in a small space. 


By giving yourself enough space in your gaming room to move around, you can take advantage of it by standing while you play for short periods of time, or sitting on an exercise ball to help improve your core strength and balance. Of course, you should also take the initiative to leave your room after a long session to go for a walk outside or get moving elsewhere. 

Designing your ultimate gaming room should be a reflection of the things you love while also focusing on your own health and sustainability for the future. There’s never been a better time for a game room makeover, so find what inspires you and get creative!

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