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Video game weapons tend to follow the same logic in every game; it looks cool, damages opponents and is all-round pretty badass. However, not every game decides to go this route; some, whether intentionally or not, end up creating some of the most ridiculous video game weapons ever.

Games like the Saints Row franchise create ridiculous, and fun, weapons on purpose, due to the nature of the game. Others, however, don’t have that excuse and their weapons seem even more ridiculous in the context of the game. Here are the worst offenders of the most ridiculous video game weapons of all time.

Wakka’s Blitzball – Final Fantasy X

Up until X, most Final Fantasy weapons were pretty traditional; swords, guns, magic, pretty much anything that would fit in a fantasy setting. However, Wakka’s Blitzball takes the cake; it’s literally just a ball from Blitzball, the game’s version of soccer/football.

Sure, nobody wants to have it kicked in their face, but going up against demons and magical enemies? Come on, at least get something more shooty or stabby. At least then it might do some proper damage.


Lulu’s Dolls – Final Fantasy X

That says it all really. Dolls. Children’s playthings. I mean, come on Lulu, you’re supposed to be a bad-ass. The least you could do is use some witchcraft or something. But no, dolls.

Nevan – Devil May Cry

At least Devil May Cry tried to make this one bad-ass; players have to go through a pretty tough boss battle against Nevan the demon in order to get Nevan the… guitar? Sure, it’s one of the most badass guitars in a video game, but it’s still a musical instrument. And it’s not even one you can use to bash your enemies over the head with.

Taking it to bad-ass extremes by letting players play some chords in order to rain lightning down just helped make it more ridiculous. Yes, it’s an electric guitar that controls electricity.

Fatman – Fallout

The Fatman makes an appearance in a few Fallout games, and it’s ridiculous in almost every one of them. While it makes sense in a post apocalyptic wasteland, that doesn’t mean that it’s 100% logical to actually use. You could ask any Fallout player about the Fatman, and they’ll have a story about how they accidentally blew themselves up with a mini nuke while trying to kill a rad-roach.

Yeah, thanks for that one Fallout.

Old Woman – Worms

Anything that pops up in the Worms franchise is going to be ridiculous. However, there are one or two weapons that stick out like a sore thumb. Chief among these is the Old Woman. That being said, though, she isn’t exactly flung at enemies the way players would expect.

Instead, she simply hobbles toward the enemy, muttering to herself the entire time. Upon arrival, she simply explodes, taking out nearby enemies. Let’s hope that she doesn’t get Alzheimer’s in any future installments.

Gun-Chucks – Bayonetta

Bayonetta is one of those games that’s hard not to like. However, one of the prominent weapons in the game makes it a little weird; that being the Gun-Chucks. Sure, they add a whole lot of fun to combat, but it’s one of those weapons that’s just ridiculous.

Guns are good against enemies. Nun-Chucks are good against enemies. Putting the two together? You’ve got a headache waiting to happen, at the very least.

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