Game Review: El Paso, Elsewhere Shoots Straight for the Heart

Content Warning: Please note that El Paso, Elsewhere contains themes and content related to toxic relationships, which may be triggering for some players. Take care of yourselves and approach the game with mindfulness if you have experienced such situations in real life.

El Paso, Elsewhere is a game that seamlessly blends the fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping action of Max Payne with a deeply emotional and thought-provoking narrative. As you step into the shoes of James Savage, a folklore expert and monster hunter, you’re immediately thrown into a world of chaos and darkness. The game’s setting in El Paso, Texas, is the backdrop for a battle against Draculae, an ex-girlfriend turned powerful vampire who aims to destroy the world.

The heart of El Paso, Elsewhere lies in its exceptional combat mechanics, heavily inspired by the iconic Max Payne series. James Savage can perform shoot-dodges and activate bullet time, allowing you to slow down time and take on waves of supernatural foes with style and finesse. The game keeps you on your toes, demanding constant movement and precision shooting to survive.

What sets El Paso, Elsewhere apart is its diverse arsenal of weapons and enemy types. You’ll encounter a range of firearms, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Whether it’s the precision of dual handguns, the sheer power of a shotgun, or the versatility of an assault rifle, every weapon serves a specific purpose, forcing you to adapt your playstyle to the situation.


But it’s not just the weapons that make the game shine; it’s the variety of supernatural enemies you’ll face. From werewolves to mummified vampires, biblically accurate angels, and other eerie creatures, each enemy type poses unique challenges. El Paso, Elsewhere keeps you engaged by mixing and matching these foes in combat encounters, creating a chess-like experience where you must choose your weapons and targets wisely.

The game’s balance is finely tuned, ensuring that no weapon becomes a one-size-fits-all solution. You’ll find yourself switching between firearms frequently, strategizing on the fly to overcome increasingly challenging encounters. El Paso, Elsewhere rewards skillful play and adaptation, making every shootout a thrilling experience.

The narrative woven throughout the game is equally captivating. James Savage’s journey to confront his toxic ex-girlfriend and save the world is told through stylish cutscenes, hidden lore elements, and internal monologues. Savage’s character development is rich, and his introspective musings add depth to the story. El Paso, Elsewhere doesn’t shy away from exploring themes of abusive relationships and the enduring impact they have on individuals. While the narrative is dark and heavy at times, it coexists harmoniously with the game’s intense combat sequences, creating a unique and emotionally resonant experience.

The game’s attention to detail extends beyond its main storyline. Players will discover demented podcasts, twisted ads, voice messages from unsettling callers, and even a radio drama reminiscent of Max Payne, all enriching the game’s world and lore.

El Paso, Elsewhere is not just another shooter; it’s a masterful blend of action and storytelling. It captures the essence of classic games like Max Payne while delivering a narrative that delves into complex emotions and relationships. If you’re seeking an adrenaline-pumping shooter with heart and depth, El Paso, Elsewhere deserves a spot on your gaming playlist.

As you venture deeper into James Savage’s journey, remember that monsters come in various forms, and sometimes, the most challenging battles are fought within ourselves. El Paso, Elsewhere invites you to confront your demons, save the world, and help a broken man find closure amid the chaos.

As you delve further into El Paso, Elsewhere, you’ll witness how the game expertly balances its dark and emotionally charged narrative with its high-octane combat sequences. The two elements complement each other rather than detracting from one another, creating a harmonious and memorable gaming experience.

Ultimately, El Paso, Elsewhere stands as a testament to the unique power of video games to deliver both heart-pounding gameplay and emotionally resonant storytelling, creating an experience that lingers long after the final gunshot has faded. It’s a game that not only challenges your reflexes but also tugs at your heartstrings, leaving you with a profound sense of connection to its characters and their struggles.

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