Game Review | Lies of P Stands Out in a Crowded Genre

Lies of P, an action-RPG developed by Neowiz Games and Round8 Studio, has made waves in the gaming industry for its Soulslike gameplay and intriguing narrative. Drawing inspiration from the works of FromSoftware, particularly Bloodborne, Lies of P offers players a challenging and immersive experience.

Set in a gothic world loosely based on the story of Pinocchio, Lies of P plunges players into a nightmarish realm. A puppet frenzy has decimated the city of Krat, transforming it into a chaotic and perilous place. As P, the player’s objective is to locate their creator, Geppetto, and confront the menacing puppets while uncovering the mysteries behind the petrification disease plaguing the city.

One standout feature of Lies of P is its approach to storytelling. Unlike FromSoftware’s enigmatic narratives, Lies of P offers a clear and concise storyline, complete with cutscenes and NPC interactions. While maintaining a sense of mystery, the game presents a more accessible narrative, allowing players to engage with the world and its characters without extensive menu diving or item reading.

The core of Lies of P lies in its challenging combat system, typical of Soulslike games. Players must master precise timing for blocks and parries to survive encounters with formidable foes. The game features punishing boss battles, each more impressive than the last, testing players’ skills and determination. However, animation recovery issues and a tight parry window can lead to frustration.


Visually, Lies of P shines with its dark and gothic aesthetic, reminiscent of Bloodborne. The game’s setting, inspired by Belle Époque-era France, offers a mix of cobblestone streets, grand cathedrals, dilapidated villages, and underground chasms. This juxtaposition of gruesome and opulent visuals creates a captivating and immersive world.

Lies of P’s successful emulation of FromSoftware’s design philosophy sets it apart in the Soulslike genre. While not as finely tuned as FromSoft’s creations, Lies of P captures the essence of challenging gameplay, interconnected levels, and a profound sense of accomplishment. For fans of Bloodborne and Soulslike games, Lies of P provides a compelling and atmospheric experience, filling the void left by the absence of a new Dark Souls or Bloodborne.

The attention to detail in Lies of P’s level design adds to the game’s overall immersion. Despite being more linear than open-world titles like Elden Ring, the game creates a sense of place and history that feels both lived-in and captivating. The ruined city of Krat, with its streets soaked in blood and oil, human corpses, dismembered puppets, and wilting flowers among the rubble, is a testament to the game’s evocative setting.

One of Lies of P’s remarkable achievements is its understanding of FromSoftware’s design philosophy. It doesn’t merely superficially mimic FromSoft’s games; it genuinely comprehends what makes them special. While it may not reach the same level of refinement as Dark Souls or Bloodborne, Lies of P comes remarkably close. It successfully delivers challenging combat, intricate world-building, and that elusive sense of pride and accomplishment that fans of Soulslike games cherish.

In a gaming landscape where new FromSoftware titles leaves players craving more, Lies of P arrives as a noteworthy entry in the Soulslike genre. While it doesn’t reinvent the wheel, it doesn’t need to. Instead, it offers an engaging and atmospheric experience that fills the Bloodborne-shaped void in the hearts of gamers.

Lies of P stands as a testament to the influence and enduring appeal of FromSoftware’s game design. It captures the essence of Soulslike gameplay and delivers an experience that, while not entirely original, stands out in the crowded genre. For those seeking a challenging and immersive action-RPG, Lies of P is a game worth exploring.

As the gaming industry continues to evolve, Lies of P serves as a reminder of the lasting impact of influential titles and the potential for new experiences to carry forward the legacy of beloved franchises. Whether it’s satisfying the thirst for challenging gameplay or immersing players in dark and captivating worlds, games like Lies of P keep the industry vibrant and players engaged.

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