Game Review | Master Detective Archives: Rain Code is a Masterful Murder Mystery

Master Detective Archives: Rain Code, the latest murder mystery game from Spike Chunsoft and Too Kyo Games, undoubtedly draws comparisons to its creative team’s renowned work, Danganronpa. From the mind of Kazutaka Kodaka, Rain Code features a distinct art style by Rui Komatsuzaki and a techno jazz score by Masafumi Takada. While it shares numerous mechanics with Danganronpa, Rain Code manages to establish its own identity and captivate players with its intriguing narrative and engaging gameplay.

Rain Code follows the journey of Yuma Kokohead, an amnesiac detective-in-training, and his pact with a death god named Shinigami. Together, they solve crimes in Kanai Ward, a world where detectives are revered superpowered figures. While players may be initially skeptical of Rain Code’s supernatural elements and the Mystery Labyrinth mechanic, which serves as a physical manifestation of the mysteries, the game gradually will win them over with its imaginative storytelling and inventive gameplay.

Rain Code showcases Kazutaka Kodaka’s writing at its most unhinged, embracing a world unbound by the limitations of reality. With magical elements, superpowers, and god-like entities, Rain Code offers a wild ride that delves into dire stakes and absurdist humor. The game’s narrative explores the pursuit of truth and the consequences that come with it, delivering unexpected twists and thought-provoking revelations.

Unlike Danganronpa, Rain Code emphasizes that the truth isn’t confined to moral judgments of right or wrong. Instead, the game encourages players to use the truth as a foundation for growth and progress. With Shinigami’s haunting presence and the game’s supernatural framing, Rain Code explores the complexities of truth and its impact on individuals and society.


Rain Code does face some technical challenges, particularly in its 3D rendering and performance on the Nintendo Switch. Framerate drops and occasional technical polish issues can momentarily detract from the experience. However, the game’s intriguing concept and engaging gameplay compensate for these shortcomings, immersing players in its captivating murder mysteries.

Rain Code’s cases may not be as elaborate as its predecessor, Danganronpa, but they offer satisfying mysteries and emotional depth. The game skillfully weaves clues together, leading players to unexpected but logical conclusions. Rain Code’s narrative choices and devastating revelations make for an impactful and memorable gameplay experience. Rain Code is a testament to the talent and creativity of the development team. While drawing comparisons to Danganronpa, it proves that the team can create a unique and engaging experience without relying solely on the previous franchise’s success. Rain Code demonstrates the team’s ability to build upon familiar themes and deliver a fresh and compelling narrative.

Master Detective Archives: Rain Code successfully establishes its own identity, inviting players into a captivating murder mystery with its own distinct charm. With its supernatural elements, imaginative storytelling, and satisfying gameplay, Rain Code showcases the growth and versatility of its creative team. While evoking nostalgia for Danganronpa, the game stands on its own, promising a thrilling experience for fans of the genre and newcomers alike.

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