Game Review | Super Mario Bros. Wonder is the new Standard for 2D Games

Nintendo’s latest entry in the Super Mario Bros. series, Super Mario Bros. Wonder, is a refreshing new take on the Italian plumber’s adventures. With more innovative platforming, some radical new multiplayer elements and a world rich for exploration the latest entry in the nearly 40 year old series shows how far the little man in the red overalls has come.

Let’s start with the reason we play Mario games: platforming. Alongside the traditional platforming stages, Super Mario Bros. Wonder introduces several innovative stage types, including the Badge Challenge, the KO Arena, and the Break Time, each offering unique gameplay experiences and challenges. These additions diversify the gameplay, ensuring that players remain engaged and excited throughout their gaming journey.

The multiplayer experience in Super Mario Bros. Wonder has been significantly enhanced, especially with the introduction of new online features that add depth to the gameplay. Standees, which can be strategically placed within a stage, provide hints and aid in reviving fallen players. The integration of shadows of other players adds an element of camaraderie and assistance during tricky platforming puzzles. This synchronous puzzle-solving experience has been well-received by players, contributing to the game’s overall appeal.

Furthermore, the game’s meticulously designed overworld promotes exploration, encouraging players to venture off the beaten path to discover hidden secrets, shops, and an array of diverse stages. This non-linear approach to gameplay adds an element of freedom and discovery, enhancing the overall immersive experience for players.


The visual aesthetics of Super Mario Bros. Wonder are truly exceptional, with intricate attention to detail evident in the vibrant character expressions, meticulously crafted backgrounds, and vivid stage elements that create a visually captivating experience. The game’s audio complements the visual splendor, with witty commentary provided by the amusing talking flowers scattered throughout the kingdom, adding a touch of humor and guidance to the gameplay.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of the Mario franchise. It not only showcases the creative potential of 2D Mario games but also redefines the genre by seamlessly blending classic elements with modern innovations. With its rich gameplay, striking visuals, and thoughtful design choices, Super Mario Bros. Wonder secures its place as a modern classic, serving as a beacon for the future of 2D games as a whole.

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