How TikTok Has Influenced the gaming Community

TikTok may have started as a platform that mostly attracted teens and young adults. However, throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, the social media app has skyrocketed in popularity, and has fostered several “communities” along the way. You’ll find things like BookTok, MusicTok, FoodTok, and even GamingTok if you’re looking for a particular place of interest.

Today, TikTok is both breaking into and influencing the gaming industry and community. Not only are there many gamers on the platform, but it’s become a great way for production teams to advertise their newest releases, and for anyone with an interest in gaming to join the community through comments, stitches, and videos of their own.

Let’s take a closer look at how TikTok is influencing the gaming community, and how you can get involved while keeping yourself safe and healthy along the way.

The Gaming Trends on TikTok

TikTok works as a complement to traditional advertising and other social media platforms. While it might not be the only platform game developers use, it’s a space where they can show up to three minutes of gameplay, release trailers, or even work with popular TikTok influencers to get them to play/or review the game for their followers. Doing so allows brands to create an organic persona and seem more “human” on the platform.


By using this platform and working with influencers, developers can have direct contact with thousands, if not millions of followers.  Influencers in the community may also operate in a variety of niches. This allows other users to use specific hashtags to find what they’re interested in, or follow influencers who will lead them to similar users and content.

Finally, the unique thing about TikTok is that gamers/influencers can live stream while they’re playing or reviewing new releases. While a lot of people use Twitch to live stream, TikTok has a completely new and broader audience. People can ask questions and leave input in real time, making the “community” aspect of the platform that much stronger.

How To Get Involved in the Gaming Community

So, aside from commenting on live streams or following your favorite gamer accounts, what can you do to get involved in the TikTok gaming community? The first step in involving yourself in any community online is to create content of your own.

Keep in mind that there are already plenty of TikTok accounts dedicated to gaming, so if you want to become an integral part of the community, you’ll need to find a way to stand out. Don’t hesitate to tell stories, offer tips, provide funny commentary, and let your personality shine through. If people feel like they can’t relate to you, they’re not going to stick around. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to find your “niche” early on and stick with it. Consider one of the following to get started:

  • Gaming skills
  • Reviews
  • Collections/swag
  • Live-action storytelling
  • Story/characters

The more comfortable you are with your niche, the more that passion will shine through. People will notice that, and you might be able to build an engaged audience faster than you think. Consider using popular hashtags as you’re getting started, especially so your content lands on people’s “For You Page,” until you become fully established within the gaming community.

Take Care of Yourself

GameTok can be a lot of fun. Feeling like you’re a part of something bigger than yourself can be even more fun, and even offer a boost to your mental health. However, it’s incredibly important to maintain your well-being if you’re spending a lot of time on the app. That’s especially true for kids and teens.

For example, if children are connecting with fellow gamers, they could be at risk of encountering inappropriate content. If you’re a parent with a child interested in GameToke, make sure you talk with them about that kind of content in an age-appropriate way. If they’re exposed to it, they should know that they can come to you without the fear of being in trouble. Report any inappropriate content you see, and keep communication with your child consistent, so they always know what to do if they’re faced with something they shouldn’t be seeing.

If you’re the one actively involved in the gaming community or even participating in gaming marathons, make sure you’re taking frequent breaks and practicing self-care away from the screen. Spend time outside, prioritize sleep, stay physically active, and protect your eyes if you’re staring at a phone for hours each day. That’s especially important as you age, but if you find that you’re starting to get headaches or trouble sleeping, it could be a sign to limit your time on your phone.

If you love gaming, joining a TikTok community could be an exciting new endeavor for you. Whether you want to view content or create your own, there are still plenty of niches waiting to be filled on GameTok, and you could end up meeting a lot of great people who share your passions.

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