Mario Kondo | Digital Decluttering Tips for Gamers

The world of video games has changed drastically over the years. In the past, most gamers had large selections of physical cartridges and cases that could fill an entire room. If you wanted to play a game, then you would have to go to your shelf, get a cartridge, put it in your console, and repeat the process when you wanted to play something else.

That has all been changed by gaming’s digital transformation that has taken over the industry. Now, you can download all of your games onto your computer or console and play them all without leaving your chair. However, while it may be convenient, your digital library can get out of hand and slow down your systems. This can not only cause lag but also puts your data at risk. It’s still important to declutter your devices, digitally and physically.

Why You Should Declutter

There are many reasons why you should take the time to declutter your gaming computer and consoles. For one, when you have all of your games organized, it’s easier to find what you need. On top of that, if you have beat a game that you never intend to play again or you downloaded a demo that isn’t appealing to you, then you can get that information off of your system. Only keep what matters most, organizing your game library exactly how you want it. That might mean putting the newest games on top or placing the titles in order of what you want to play next.

In addition to the chance to free up space, you could also get better system performance if you have fewer programs. When your computer or console has to load and sort through all of those games, it takes a lot of memory and RAM. Loading the cover art of those games alone can take several minutes if you have a slower system full of unnecessary software.


If you use a gaming computer, there are many places where unnecessary files can hide. Start your digital cleanup by checking out your download folder and either sorting the files or deleting them. You can delete these if you already have the game installed or no longer want the game on your PC. If you ever save screenshots of your gaming exploits or live streams, then you can check the image folders on your computer and also clear out what you don’t need.

Protect Your Devices

One of the most important reasons to clear out the unnecessary data from your computer and consoles is that any personal or financial data that is left behind unprotected can be stolen by hackers. It typically doesn’t matter what they find. While many of us know the danger of releasing our credit card or social security numbers, we don’t always realize that even an email address or birth date can be used to create phishing scams or be sold on the black market to the highest bidder. If your device is extra cluttered, you may not realize what information you are leaving out in the open.

For that reason, you should have your device encrypted and use a password for all of your accounts. You should be smart about your password and use a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters, and change the code every couple of months. You also need to be smart about how you store your passwords. Consider placing them all into a password-protected PDF. A program like that is easy to use because you simply drag and drop your file to create a secure PDF that you can store securely on your computer.

It is also important to know how to fight the common security threats that can wreak havoc on computers and consoles alike. For instance, if you bring a mobile gaming device out into a public place and connect to the wrong Wi-Fi network, then you could actually be connecting to a hacker’s computer. They can then use that connection to steal the data on your device. Also, you can avoid many forms of malware by installing antivirus software on your computer. Run scans every week, and you can instantly find unnecessary and dangerous files to delete on the spot to avoid further damage.

Organize Your Gaming Consoles

If you are a console gamer at heart, then you should know the connection between your console’s health and your health. There are many ways that you can properly declutter and sort your games on any system. Every console has its own organization system. For example, on the PlayStation 4, you can change what you have on the system and how you view your library. You can show all games, make individual folders for every genre, show the games that are installed and those that you have purchased but not yet downloaded, and even sort the free games that you get through PlayStation Plus.

Xbox fans have the option to group the games and apps on their systems so they look nice and tidy. When you are on the main screen, simply click the Xbox button and select “new group,” and then add whatever you want. If you ever need to edit your groups, then you can again click the Xbox button to see what you have installed. Then you can click the menu button for additional organization options.

Organizing your games on the Nintendo Switch is easy. You just press the “L button” on the console itself, and it will display your entire library. From there, you can create new groups and remove items that you no longer need. Regardless of the system, take your time and check each app to ensure that the file-sharing settings are turned off and that you aren’t leaving any unnecessary files behind.

Stay Organized for Improved Performance

An organized gaming setup can also help keep you mentally healthy. Clutter makes it harder to focus, so tidying up your gaming area could even improve your performance. Make sure to regularly dust, as well, to keep the air clear of allergens and prevent the risk of an electrical fire. If you really want to feel inspired or need to have a clean background to stream on Twitch, opt for coordinating, ergonomic gaming accessories in your favorite color or style. Once you spend the money on these items, you’ll also be more likely to keep them in tip-top shape. 

As you can see, it is important that you declutter your gaming systems and computers. The ease of use and protection from cyber criminals is worth the effort. Use the tips discussed here, and you can streamline your game collection and have a blast in the process. You may also see a boost in your gaming skills and improved mental clarity. Clear out the clutter in your physical and digital spaces for optimum performance all around.

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