Tech Review | DualSense Edge Paves the Way for Accessibility on PS5

The DualSense Edge, the modular controller for PlayStation 5, has sparked a fresh wave of excitement among gamers. While initially skeptical about the need for additional features and customization options, my perception changed during a heated match of Overwatch 2. The controller’s ability to assign specific functions to back paddles allowed me to swiftly react and outmaneuver opponents, highlighting the practicality of the DualSense Edge in action-oriented games.

In the realm of competitive gaming, split-second decisions can determine victory or defeat. The controller’s adjustable triggers, which enable faster shooting by reducing travel distance, proved to be a game-changer in shooters like Overwatch. These small time savings accumulated over the course of a match can be the difference between success and failure.

Moreover, the DualSense Edge offers benefits for players with chronic pain, as it provides various options to customize the controller for improved comfort. With adjustable triggers, analog sticks of different heights, and back paddles of varying lengths, players can tailor the controller to their unique needs. While the DualSense Edge may not address all accessibility concerns, Sony’s upcoming “Project Leonardo” controller aims to provide comprehensive customization for individuals with specific accessibility requirements.

Despite its advantages, the DualSense Edge remains a luxury item with a few drawbacks. The battery life, although shorter than the original DualSense, can be managed with the included USB cable for charging during gameplay. However, its biggest disappointment lies in the limited customization of control schemes. While the back paddles allow for reassigning existing buttons, they do not expand input options or address the need for additional buttons in games primarily designed for PC.


Nonetheless, the DualSense Edge exhibits premium build quality and an aesthetically pleasing design. Its weightiness and attention to detail elevate the controller’s appeal, making it feel more substantial than its predecessor. However, considering the higher price point, it may not be necessary for the average gamer.

Nevertheless, the DualSense Edge challenges traditional notions of game input and prompts us to reconsider the limitations of standard controllers. Controllers like the DualSense Edge and Xbox Elite acknowledge the need to address the shortcomings of current devices and offer new avenues for enhanced gaming experiences. While it may be considered a luxury item, its impact extends beyond its premium status, encouraging gamers to explore new ways of play and paving the way for future controller innovations.

With the release of the DualSense Edge, it becomes evident that the way we interact with games through controllers is evolving. The DualSense Edge pushes the boundaries of customization, addressing the shortcomings of traditional controllers and providing players with new ways to enhance their gaming experiences.

While the price tag may deter some, the DualSense Edge offers a level of control and precision that can greatly benefit competitive gamers. Its adaptive triggers and back paddles enable quicker reactions and seamless execution of complex actions, giving players an edge in fast-paced gameplay. The ability to map buttons and adjust trigger sensitivity allows for personalized setups tailored to individual playstyles, ensuring optimal performance on the virtual battlefield.

Notably, the DualSense Edge also caters to the needs of players with physical limitations or chronic pain. The option to modify analog stick height and utilize back paddles of varying lengths accommodates different hand sizes and preferences, promoting greater comfort during extended gaming sessions. By offering customizable solutions, the DualSense Edge promotes inclusivity and accessibility within the gaming community.

Despite its impressive features, the DualSense Edge does have some drawbacks. The battery life may not meet the expectations of those accustomed to longer-lasting controllers, but the inclusion of a charging cable mitigates this concern. Additionally, the controller’s customization options are primarily limited to reassigning existing buttons, which may disappoint players seeking expanded input possibilities.

Nevertheless, the DualSense Edge represents a step forward in controller design, encouraging innovation and pushing the boundaries of what we expect from gaming peripherals. It opens the door for further advancements in controller technology, paving the way for future iterations that provide even more customization options and cater to a wider range of player needs.

As the gaming industry continues to evolve, controllers like the DualSense Edge play a crucial role in shaping the player experience. By addressing specific pain points and introducing new features, they enhance gameplay, empower players, and set the stage for a more immersive and accessible future. Whether it’s for competitive gaming or personalized comfort, the DualSense Edge offers a glimpse into the exciting possibilities that lie ahead in the world of gaming peripherals.

The introduction of innovative controllers like the DualSense Edge marks a significant step forward in enhancing the player experience. The customization options and advanced features of the DualSense Edge open up new possibilities and redefine the way we interact with games.

While the controller may be seen as a luxury item due to its higher price point, it offers undeniable benefits for gamers seeking a competitive edge or improved comfort. The adjustable triggers, back paddles, and analog sticks of varying heights provide a level of control and precision that can greatly impact gameplay. Whether it’s the split-second advantage gained from faster shooting in a first-person shooter or the ergonomic benefits for players with smaller hands, the DualSense Edge caters to individual needs and preferences.

Moreover, the controller’s focus on accessibility is commendable. By offering options for customization, it addresses the diverse needs of players, including those with physical limitations or chronic pain. The ability to tailor the controller to their specific requirements allows for a more inclusive gaming experience, promoting accessibility and diversity within the gaming community.

The DualSense Edge serves as a testament to the ongoing evolution of gaming peripherals. Its premium build quality, sleek design, and advanced features demonstrate a commitment to pushing the boundaries of controller technology. As developers and manufacturers continue to explore new ways to enhance player immersion and engagement, the DualSense Edge represents an exciting glimpse into the future of gaming controllers.

The DualSense Edge offers a compelling package for gamers looking to elevate their gaming experiences. Its customizable features, accessibility focus, and potential for improved performance make it a worthy addition to any gaming setup. While it may not be a necessary investment for casual players, competitive gamers and those with specific needs will undoubtedly appreciate the benefits it brings to their gameplay. As technology advances and player demands evolve, controllers like the DualSense Edge pave the way for a more immersive, accessible, and personalized gaming future.

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