The Best Games of 2022 So Far

It’s been a strange year for games so far. The year’s biggest, most critically acclaimed and best-selling game, Elden Ring, came out in February and since then almost every single AAA game has been delayed into 2023. But that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been anything at all as this list shows. Horror continues to have a renaissance with Evil Dead: The Game and The Quarry becoming surprise successes. Single player fighting games aren’t common but Sifu still stood head and shoulders above most other releases this year. The year’s most endearing game, Stray, has a place here too. Like I said, It’s been a strange year for games. Andrew Carroll.

Elden Ring

What more is there to say about FromSoftware’s newest fantasy RPG that hasn’t already been said? Critically acclaimed, unrelentingly punishing, deceptively addictive and otherworldly in every possible way. Elden Ring is everything Hidetaka Miyazaki has worked towards since the cult beginnings of the Dark Souls series all the way through to their Akira Kurosawa influenced, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

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Elden Ring is a hugely successful action RPG that has carved out a bright future for FromSoftware connecting with a much bigger audience than ever expected and rightly so. It may not be the undisputed high point of From Software’s back catalogue (personally that belongs to the GOAT – Bloodborne) but Elden Ring is a monumental achievement in every discernible way and is easily one of the best games of the current console generation. A must play for those seeking an immersive open world adventure rarely experienced before. John Hogan.

Evil Dead: The Game

The Evil Dead has had a horrid time throughout its minimal but long-standing gaming history with titles like Hail To The King and Regeneration never really receiving the backing or exposure they needed to shine. Cue Saber Interactive and their ambitious desire to turn The Evil Dead franchise into an asymmetrical multiplayer game in the vein of Dead By Daylight and surely Ash and his mortal companions were destined to get the recognition they deserved right?


Saber Interactive’s asymmetrical approach to The Evil Dead franchise proved a dominant winner with gamers. An enjoyable horror experience that combined all the signature elements of Sam Raimi’s classics into a strong, balanced asymmetrical experience that fans would gladly lap up. Still surviving with a hugely active online player base, Evil Dead: The Game reinvigorated the DBD formula and has already proved it plans on going nowhere any time soon. Evil Dead: The Game is bloody good fun with friends and one of this year’s best horror experiences. Groovy! John Hogan.

The Quarry

Supermassive Games have struggled a bit since the critical success of Until Dawn. After a couple of mediocre anthology games Supermassive Games returned in 2022 with The Quarry and boy was it a strong return to form. 

The formula is pretty much the same as previous games but The Quarry once again showcased superb storytelling and some unique twists on horror norms. With a focus on relaxed storytelling and simplistic gameplay more than ever, The Quarry ended up providing 2022 with one of its best horror games. If you seek a simple but well put together B-movie-esque horror gaming experience, then look no further than Supermassive Games’ newest entry. A brilliant return to form rekindling the potential Supermassive Games possess. John Hogan.


Have you ever wished there was a classic Jackie Chan inspired kung-fu gaming equivalent of Kill Bill for you to sink your teeth into? If so, Sifu is the answer. A punishing but highly rewarding brawler that teaches you the art of determination and the value of life and death. Sifu is a slick dive into kung-fu movie inspirations that won the hearts of many this year. Slocap’s Sifu is an experience like no other that with careful button bashing can lead to the apprentice becoming the master in stylistic fashion. Sifu truly is a diamond in the rough this year and deserving of your time. John Hogan.


BlueTwelve Studio’s Stray may just be the most unexpected (and truly welcomed) hit of the year. A heartfelt experience that manages to make a few simplistic hours playing as a cat feel like a fascinating journey through a cyberpunk dystopia filled with all manner of surprises and wholesome activity.

BlueTwelve Studio’s clear focus on atmosphere and, strangely, character development/interactions are what really brings this world to life. Whether it’s the soothing wailing of a robotic guitarist, the detective duties and chemistry of you and your metal compatriot or the wholesome bonding with other feline companions, Stray is focused on providing the simple things gamers enjoy and casual gamers who just want to sit down and enjoy a short but impressive experience will not be disappointed. Stray is easily one of this year’s best experiences and an absolute joy to behold. John Hogan.

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