Slut Shaming and Ableism: Three of the Most Regrettable RPG Quests

AAA developers these days are offering the most RPG quests than almost any other time in history. However, with this many RPG quests come a few drawbacks and that doesn’t just mean bugs or glitches. Sometimes in their quest for producing as much high-quality content as possible for a video game, there are a few RPG quests that might make you feel a little… disturbed after finishing them off. At the bare minimum, you may end up regretting even starting the mission in the first place.

Beating Up A Disabled Person in Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2’s open-world features an amazing main-plot while fleshing out the world with an extreme amount of side quests. These side quests can easily take up hundreds of hours of gameplay. However, there is one mission that might stick out in some peoples’ minds; being up a mentally handicapped alcoholic.

In A Smell Of The Grease Paint, players run into an deformed alcoholic with special needs. In order to proceed with the mission, players need to beat up said mentally disabled person. While it’s definitely the most recent entry on the list, it’s also probably one of the most unsettling. It’s one of the few entries that’s actually quite disturbing. 

Slut Shaming in Skyrim

Many RPGs are notorious for missions that are basically a form of messenger; going from one NPC to another and relaying messages between both. Skyrim is no different from this but goes the extra mile when it comes to blackmailing a female NPC for daring to enjoy sex. In Caught Red Handed, players are tasked with collecting a number of small gems from several men.


As it turns out, each of these gems were a token of appreciation from a woman they’d slept with. After that, you’re free to blackmail said woman in order to extort a bribe all to make sure you don’t blab about her promiscuity. The mission itself is started by talking to the woman’s niece, who calls her a “disgusting woman.” So, yay for family members slut-shaming relatives?

Try Not to Remember Fallout 4’s Memory Puzzles

Fallout 4 wasn’t a perfect game by any means; many people criticised its settlement system and puzzles while also panning a quest wherein you re-live the memory of losing your child. However, there was one quest that combined all three and made gamers instantly regret starting it; namely Best Left Forgotten.

RPG Quests -
An example of a quest Best Left Forgotten. Source.

Part of the Far Harbor DLC’s main plot line, Best Left Forgotten sees players enter the mind of an NPC while trying to find specific memories. In order to make tapes of said memories, players have to babysit a number of bugs from one side of a puzzle to another. Moving them to where they need to go is done by creating a path for them to navigate to where they need and then babysitting them while they get there.

Each memory also gets a steadily more difficult puzzle for you to navigate these bugs around while also protecting them from fire. At this point, I’m already regretting writing this entry, never mind finishing the quest.

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