Where’s Geralt? The When, Why and How of The Witcher 4?

The first three Witcher games were some of the best received RPGs over the past few decades, with The Witcher 3 being named one of the best games released that particular year. Because of that, it’s no wonder that many people are eagerly awaiting another installment in the franchise.

However, that doesn’t mean that The Witcher 4 is coming anytime soon; after all, CD Projekt Red are currently focusing on Cyberpunk 2077. Having said that, though, all signs point to a new installment being released in the franchise at some point or another.

But, fans of Geralt may be a little disappointed, as The Witcher 3 rounded out Geralt’s story, no matter which ending they received. Because of that, it may be likely that he won’t be returning. Even the characters voice actor Doug Cockle seemed to agree that he mightn’t be returning, saying in an interview with Gamereactor:

“If you’re leading into The Witcher 4, I can only say I have no idea, although I think it will be. This is my own opinion, and CD Projekt Red knows what they are doing, and I have no idea what the plan is, but… If I was CD Projekt Red, I would make The Witcher 4, but I would be focusing on Ciri. In The Witcher 3 she hints at visiting other worlds, and I think a game around her visiting those different worlds would be a cool Witcher 4.”

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Geralt throws the camera a sly wink at the end of The Witcher 3’s story. Source.

With that in mind, it’s not clear as to what role, if any, Geralt will actually play in any future installments, should they be released. That being said, there are a couple of things that he may be able to do should he return.

Chief among these is a Vesemir-type role. When we first meet Geralt, Vesemir assumes the role of a mentor to Geralt, and by proxy the player character. In-game, this makes sense as Vesemir would have been his tutor before the events of the first game unfolded. Throughout the franchise, he also assumes somewhat of a mentor role to Ciri.

Throughout the entire franchise, Vesemir shows the player the ways of the Witcher, while also doing the same for Ciri alongside Geralt, although to a lesser extent due to her not being mutated in the same ways we see actual Witchers.

While Ciri has already received a host of training from the likes of the Witchers at Kaer Morhen, as well as Yennefer and more, she may need additional mentorship while she’s on her journey. If we take Doug Cockle’s words as the vaguest hint – that of Ciri exploring other worlds – she’ll be in for a rough time.

Because of that, she’ll need some form of mentorship, and with Vesemir’s death in The Witcher 3, who better to take up that role than Geralt, whom Ciri has seen as a father figure for most of her life? Speaking of Vesemir’s death, it seems likely that Geralt may be in line to take up the position of the leader of what’s left of Kaer Morhen.

While there’ll always be those who want to continue on another story with Geralt as the centre of attention, it’s time to pass the torch to a new character, and The Witcher 3 helped prime players for taking full control of Ciri. Having Geralt guide Ciri in the beginning of the game – and possibly at key instances throughout – will not only let players properly take up the role of Ciri, but it’ll also give players a small dose of old Geralt.

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  1. Bill Williams says

    How could you play as Ciri in the follow-up game if Witcher 3 ends with Geralt slumped over and crestfallen due to Ciri’s death? She goes into the snow and she doesn’t come out.

    1. SoulSeekerUSA says

      Actually she does if you do things right.

  2. Oliver Kita says

    I for sure wouldnt play the Witcher 4 if thats the case, the history and the lore have been revolving around Geralt and he is THE WITCHER, which Ciri isnt, yup shes not oficially a witcher so it wouldnt really make sense anyway.

  3. SoulSeekerUSA says

    If Geralt is gone I won’t be playing. I am not interested in another game with a girl as the main character. Burnt out on most every game now having females as the lead. Only way I would play is if Geralt returns or I can create my own character.

    1. Damir Španac says

      Me to mate!!! Witcher world is all about Geralt, dont need any other character, just give us Geralt again. 🙂 Dont like to create our own character, dont think this games is like Cyberpunk or similar games. Just want another game with Geralt and thats all. Need more Shani, Triss, Ye, Ciri…

  4. RoadKill 961 says

    A Witcher 4 would throw things off the non – linear RPG that we enjoyed if its a sequel to Wild Hunt and led by Ciri. A lot of players might go crazy for this idea and every store selling a copy would be a monkey house. But not me because:
    1. Ciri’s story is pretty much over in the sense that her destiny has been fulfilled. She’s stopped the White Frost, which is why Eredin was desperate to get her. Eredin is also slain by Geralt, so Ciri has got nothing to worry about and the new king Ge’els is a righteous man. So Ciri’s life after this should she survive would just be to take on Witcher contracts around the continent or rule over the empire.

    2. That said she could have another story to narrate if she finds her own child surprise that has more powers and has a bigger darker destiny than she did, and if done properly it could be very interesting. But again, there is a chance for you to lose Ciri at the end of the game. Simply erasing a major conclusive ending to a major character would simply be unacceptable for an RPG even though most players would like for something like that to happen.
    That said, I felt that the Witcher trilogy got a beautiful, heart – touching conclusion, and thats how it should stay.

    1. nightknight says

      all witcher books are about her not geralt or triss just cirilla so

      1. RoadKill 961 says

        You’re right, I agree with you. But my point is about why a witcher 4 with Ciri in the lead will be more of a paradox than Geralt still taking on more contracts as he could lose her by the end of the game. And again, even if CDPR chooses to ignore that ending and burn and salt it, it still needs a good story, and Ciri’s destiny has been fulfilled. Meaning she has finished telling her story as the child of prophecy. You’ll only get to play as an OP’d protagonist if she takes the helm. I think they should let the Geralt team settle for good now, including Ciri and move on to an entirely different character from an entirely different school should they make a 4th major instalment. True that the original material’s focal point was Ciri and Geralt but they could take different turns rather than stick to the same road. Just an opinion

      2. Damir Španac says

        About Ciri 😀 good joke. Read books again mate, its all about Geralt. Hope we’ll see him again as lead, cause theres no Witcher game (world) without him!!!

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