Which sports games offer the most realistic experience?

Sometimes, we want to be fully immersed when we play a game. The sports simulation genre of gaming is absolutely huge, especially among console gamers and PC gamers. Though we can’t all become football players and other sports stars, we can have an experience that is somewhat similar when playing on consoles.

So, if it is that level of realism that you are looking for, what are some of the best games to play? Both the graphics and the gameplay are worked on by teams of developers as they try to give a true-to-life experience, and these games give a good approximation.

Madden NFL

American football fans tend to love all of the interesting hobbies that go along with the sport. It is not just about watching the game; a lot of people are looking for the top NFL odds to back certain teams and players. Some play fantasy football, and some play realistic computer and console games.

The Madden games have come a long way since the blocky pixels on the earliest consoles. As well as some truly impressive graphics, the latest version has also introduced technology called FieldSENSE. This gives players more control of all of the positions on the field, and improves the gameplay. 


As well as a realistic simulation of the game itself, there is also an element of team management and all of the stuff that happens off-field, leading to a full football experience.


For fans of soccer, FIFA is the game to play, and though the game has some big changes coming up due to licensing aspects, FIFA 23 is still a very popular game with realistic gameplay. 

One of the most notable things about the current version of FIFA is the accuracy of the way the players look. The graphics are great and those likenesses are an amazing way to get that extra feel of realism while you are playing. 

A lot of people play Ultimate Team, which is not the most realistic mode. This allows you to build your team based on players from different teams and even throughout history.

If you want a realistic management experience, career mode can let you take control of either an imaginary player, a real player or a manager, and dive into a soccer career. People of all kinds of ages enjoy playing FIFA, and many of us can remember the early iterations of the game.

Football Manager

Sticking with soccer, this management simulator is known for its realism, not due to its graphics (the game is played with pretty simple graphics) but for the realistic approach to managing a squad and setting up the tactics for games. 

The game also has a transfer market, the opportunity to develop youth players and many more features that help make you feel like a real-life football manager. 

This is the kind of game people really get into and often spend a lot of time tailoring their teams perfectly and building their empires. 

NBA 2K23

This game is made by a company called Visual Concepts and they have been making the 2K series of games for some time. 

This is a basketball simulator that has excellent graphics and game mechanics. It is very thrilling for those who enjoy basketball and offers the opportunity to play in a lot of different game modes.

There is a management mode that allows you to trade and improve your roster, as well as move through the seasons and try to become champion. Alternatively, you can simply sign in and play against somebody online as you take them on with your favorite NBA team.

MLB: The Show

The MLB baseball game is another exceptional example of a sports game with realistic graphics. It is a fantastic option for those who are into baseball, and like a lot of other sports simulations, there are different game modes within, based on whether you want to play as a whole team or as an individual. 

The Show gets regular updates and it is actually the only mainstream sports sim in the baseball niche at the moment. Fortunately, the lack of competition hasn’t led to the developers becoming overly relaxed and the game definitely stands up to would-be competitors.


There are sports games that aren’t particularly realistic but still fun (Rocket League is the ideal example). 

There are plenty of us looking for the most realistic game possible and the options on this list can help you feel like you’ve got a pretty real experience.