8 Haikus About Fragile Masculinity

In my humble opinion, the best way to explore the complex topic of fragile masculinity, to examine the deep historical roots and interlocking societal impulses that make up the mainstream image of what it means to be a Real Man, is in tiny bursts, seventeen syllables at a time. Hopefully the following haikus (look it up, it’s Japanese) will usher in a new age of gender equality and world peace. If not, I can only assume that you didn’t read them correctly.

Anger – A Haiku About Fraile Masculinity

If feminism

is so great, then why am

I always angry?

Nando’s – Another Haiku About Fragile Masculinity

A cheeky Nando’s

A cheeky Nando’s for me

I cry in wardrobes

No Scrubs – A Third Haiku About Fragile Masculinity

Hanging out the side

Of my best friend’s ride trying

to holler at you

Another Haiku About Fragile Masculinity With The Title “Bantz”

Bantz bantz bantz bantz bantz

Hashtag banter, hashtag lads

Bantz bantz bantz bantz bantz

Finally, A Haiku About Tinder

You have matched with Dave

“lol hey sexy wanna fuck?”

Screenshot: 30 Favs

Brian, A Haiku About Masculine Fragility Which Is Basically The Same as Fragile Masculinity

Brian’s proper mental.

Never know what he’ll do next.

I am scared of Brian.

Shouting About Fragile Masculinity

We’re shouting, shouting,

shouting at the football but

really, at our dads.

Trapped In A Fragile Masculinity

I am trapped in the

gender binary and this

is all women’s fault.

Header Image via gamingenthusiast.net