A Friendly Chat with Damo Clark

This Sunday’s Workman’s Comedy Club is being headlined by Damo Clark of RTÉ’s I Dare Ya, The Gingerbread Men and probably some other things he’d prefer I told you about. He sat down with Ruth Hunter metaphorically to talk about things and concepts.

Hey Damo, we’re looking forward to having you this Sunday at Workman’s! How do you feel about Sundays in general? A day of rest? Does rest keep you young? Is that your secret? Tell me.

Sunday deffo a day of rest. And Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday…

Do you think if you filled a bath with anti-aging cream you will essentially have created a time machine?

Yes. You’ll get out after an hour thinking ‘what time is it?’

Do you think comedians have any common personality traits?

Yep. We love carrying backpacks.

Have you ever read HeadStuff? It’s good you should check it out.

Is it a comic book? I’d read it if it was a comic or pop-up book. Or like Where’s Wally. ‘Find the Head in all that Stuff’.

Think of your favourite joke that you wrote, but don’t tell us! Save the good stuff for Workman’s, friend.

Will do.

How often is too often when it comes to doing personal admin?

Everyday is too often, I think that is what’s appealing about the zombie apocalypse. No admin or forms.

Why don’t you ever wear an Irish rugby jersey on stage, Damian? Do you have some kind of problem with all sports?

I love certain sports. I’m always wearing either speedos or ski pants under my gig clothes.

Neither of us have ever seen the other perform live. What if one of us is too good and the other has to quit comedy because of sheer devastation?

That’ll probably happen. This will be my last ever gig.

When/Where did you first meet Conor O’Toole and/or your wife?

Met Conor in the International and I met my wife at the international arrivals at the airport. I knew if I waited long enough someone would walk through and needed a lift.

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