A Friendly Chat with Stephen Bradley

Ruth Hunter, gatherer of comedians for the Workman’s Comedy Club, sat down with one of those gathered comedians: Stephen Bradley. The gathering takes place this Sunday 15 April at 8pm.

Oh Stephen, from where did you get your ideas for being a skin owner?

From a little movie called Bad Taste. I learned all of my deadliest secrets from inside there.

When, Stephen, is a good time to fall asleep?

When your eyes demand it. NAY! Scream it!

Why, Stephen, have you not sought government assistance for the maintenance of that glorious beard?

He doesn’t want to get too big for his boots. He is a beard of the people, for the people, by the people at the friendly barbers.

When will the chickens come home to roost? I’m getting awful lonely here sitting in the coop all alone at night.

Well you know what they say, a watched chicken rarely roosts, but a hot chicken is always roostin’.


They just need to ask. I am waiting right here.

I woke up ragin’. Any thoughts? (Buy the new Pillow Queens EP, it’s class)

Anytime I wake up ragin’, I kick off my shoes, put on my favorite shirt, run an ice cold bath and wait for sleep to rear its ugly head again.

What’s your favourite answer you’d like to give to this section?


Wanna plug summin?

Doing a talk a funny talk at The Workman’s Club on Sunday 15 April and also I host a weekly recorded talk over at http://sleepytimepodcast.com/

Can’t wait to have you?

See you there!

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