A Friendly Chat with The Mess Around

We love The Mess Around here at HeadStuff. Giles Brody and Colin Chadwick’s monthly mix of stand-up, sketches, and improv has to be experienced in person so you should go see it in The Workman’s Club in Dublin on for example, just spitballin’ here, Saturday, 10 September / Saturday, 8 October / Saturday, 12 November / Saturday, 10 December. Just saying like. I sent them some stupid questions by email and they kindly responded promptly and professionally

How would you describe The Mess Around to someone who’s never heard of laughter?

The Mess Around is where laughter is made, not all of it but a particular type of it that isn’t made anywhere else. (All while wondering how have they never heard of laughter? What happened to them? Where are they from? If I laugh now will it scare them?)

If you need to lift something, which of you is a better man for the job?

We’re very much a team when it comes to lifting, like the comedy equivalent of the Chuckle Brothers.

Name some people who have appeared at The Mess Around and one thing you like about them.

Eleanor Tiernan – Boss of Irish comedy
Chris Gethard – A gentle man and a gentleman
Edwin Sammon – Comedy mensch
Kevin McGahern – Best hair in showbiz
Pierce Brosnan – His hilarious “buying ice-cream when it’s cold” bit

How did Pierce Brosnan become involved in The Mess Around?

He’s my neighbour and is often suspicious of what I’m up to, which naturally brought him to the Mess Around. Last year he was also hailed by the media as a comic genius when he was photographed eating an ice-cream while outside, despite how cold it was. He now uses the Mess Around to try out new material, launch projects and beg for funding.

What’s the most interesting thing that’s happened to you today?

I woke up fully clothed. I also found out that The Green M&M (my ex-fiance) has hidden about 40 cardboard cutouts of OJ Simpson in my attic.

What’s your favourite thing you’ve done for the Mess Around?

My favourite bits are the ones that don’t work, one that sticks out is our traditional Irish joke tellers. We were jealous of trad musicians because they can play other people’s music and they also get to pad out their set by giving you the back story to each song. So we decided to try do the comedy equivalent, “This is a joke about a nineteenth century landlord from Wexford and we’ve set it to a knock knock format…” That set up lasted for about four or five minutes before we did a very weak knock knock joke. I’m hoping we do a “The Very Worst of The Mess Around” show so we can do it again.

Describe your ideal Tuesday.

I get wrongly accused of a crime by Scooby Doo and the gang. I sue them for defamation, take them to the cleaners and have the Mystery Machine painted white. I then set up my own private investigation company and offer them all zero hour contracts. They’re reputation is trash at this point because of the defamation case, so I’m confident they’d take the work. Finish the day off with Dominos and a Champions League match on the telly.

Any other thoughts?

Never! …and people should vote for Eleanor Tiernan here: http://indi.com/7fz73