A Thoroughly Arranged Tryst

My dearest Cecily,

I am writing to tell you that despite all the misunderstandings and arguments of these past years, I love you truly and always have. I should have told you in person, but with everything that has happened, I felt able to reveal it only in this letter which I will slip under your door.

If you return my feelings, meet me in the old churchyard at midnight tonight, on that bench where we used to sit by the roses, and we can renew our vows of love.

If you cannot bring yourself to return my ardour, please just drop me a line saying so, to avoid misunderstandings.

If I see you coming around the corner by the willow tree, my heart will almost burst from joy. Oh! to have you in my arms again will make up for every misery that time has sent us. We can let these petty conflicts fall away like the autumn leaves and be reunited once more. Again, though, if you will not leave your current husband, do let me know that you have received this letter and cannot meet with me.

Every time I saw you over the past few days, it broke my heart anew to see you with him. Unable to tell you how I really felt, I could only watch in mute misery as he sat in that armchair where I used to sit, and held your hand as I used to – kissed those lips that I used to kiss. A short note in my letterbox will do, Cecily, just so that I know this missive has not gone astray or been stolen.

My darling, I can hardly wait to clasp your hand in mine and shower your face with kisses.

I will send a follow-up letter just to ensure the lines of communication are clear.

Yours always,

PS: Should unforeseen circumstances keep you from our tryst, please do not feel that our chance has passed. Just let me know as soon as possible and we can reschedule.

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