An Unsettling Chat with Liam Nugent

Liam Nugent is an up-and-coming comedian from Wicklow. He’s performed at his local community centre and is also a regular at The Mess Around in Dublin. He DMed Alan Maguire on Twitter and asked to be interviewed by HeadStuff. He also tweeted a picture of Alan’s house “as colaterel” so here’s the unedited twitter convo that followed. Alan was polite enough to ask Liam about his life, his comedy, and his upcoming one-man show An Evening with Liam Nugent which is on December 15th & 16th at 19:00 in The International Bar in Dublin before he felt that he’d kept up his end of the bargain.

HeadStuff: Hello, what’s the most interesting thing that’s happened to you today?

Liam Nugent: no 1 threw stones at my head first time in 3 weeks. things are looking up lol

HS:  Why do people throw stones at your head?

LN: alan d world now has gone very “polital correct so my brand of comedy rubs d snow men up d wrong way
so they throw stones at my head

HS: How would you describe your brand of comedy?

LN: im of d old school for sure i where black tie +i carry my trusty lump hammer to deal with hecklers much like hal roach did back in d day
i tell it like it is i dont care who u are

HS: Have you ever had to use the lump hammer?

LN: “had to is relative
needles to say im not allowed back in d ballycoog open mic night

HS: As an old school comedian, do you feel much of a connection with the Dublin comedy scene?

LN: no not at all they our d polar opposite of me it like what noel always says “go to dublin throw a rock hit a comedian it only when i got here i realise he meant it literally

HS: So what kind of places do you normally perform in?

LN: mainly in my local community centre back home but lately i branched outto dublin in order to make d “big bucks still waiting lol

HS: Tell me about your new one-man show

LN: its called an evening with liam nugent its a night of jokes stories celebrity anecdotes +a live reading of a sitcom i wrote i preformed it over d summer in kilkenny +it was described as pat mccabe meets king of comedy whatever that means

HS: A one-man show is a pretty big deal. Are you nervous?

LN: yes but i have my old patented trick to deal w nerves i pick some1 in d audience +kick then out straight away so i have asserted dominance instantly

HS: What if you pick the wrong person, like, what if it’s your biggest fan?

LN: i know my biggest fan its noel

HS: You and Noel seem to have a special bond.

LN: he just gets me its tough making a living in comedy u need some1who is willing to go tat extra mile especially when it comes to getting paid
but he has his issue as we all do hes not perfect

HS: Would you say he’s a bad influence on you?

LN: yes

HS: What does he make you do?

LN: dig holes for no reason ring up donie farrell +yell down d phone at him cook him his meals

HS: What do you yell at Donie Farrell?

LN: mostly stuff about him being a known tout but depends on what hes done to noel that week honestly im not sure hes done any thing to him half d time
noel gets angry if i question him though

HS: Do you ever wish you could be free of Noel?

LN: i think we should move on to d next question

HS: Could you give our readers a taste of the kind of jokes you do?

LN: no

HS: Cool, thanks very much Liam.

LN: thank u for you’re time alans

Liam Nugent sitting on a chair
Liam Nugent in action on stage

An Evening with Liam Nugent is on December 15th & 16th at 19:00 in The International Bar in Dublin. Follow Liam Nugent on Twitter @funnyliamnugent

All pictures via Liam Nugent