Auto-Correbt’s Dublin Fringe Previews

In the 2018 Dublin Fringe, Auto-Correbt have set themselves the challenge of performing every other show at the Fringe without having seen any of them or knowing anything about them.  In their show Sight Unseen the audience decide what play they want to see and Auto-Correbt will make it up on the spot. 

Exclusively for HeadStuff they’ve reviewed some of the top shows at this year’s festival without having the faintest clue of what they’re about…

The Sound of Phoenix

Kevin Crunchtable explores the sounds of Phoenix magazine.  From the slight “huh”s of amusement as he reads the latest Hot Air Brigade take-downs to recordings of the noise that 1,000 Phoenix magazines make when dropped from a 2 story building.  Classic Crunchtable doing his thing as only he can, due to several controversial copyright claims. 

The Cat’s Mother

Mr Paws thought he had it all: a spacious flat in Dublin, a following in the tens of thousands on Instagram, and all the catnip a kitty could dream of.  But when he gets word from his sister that his Mam has run out of her nine lives, this glam city kitty has to travel back to the home he fled so many years ago.  A heartwarming drama about family, love, and the things we can’t leave behind.

My Dad’s Blind

Sharon Hell recounts every poker game her father has ever played while hiding behind a slatted screen.  Sharon is hiding behind the screen I mean.  Not her father.  He was hiding behind a couch.  Neither as good or as bad as it sounds.

Cock Cock…Who’s There?

Everybody’s favourite joke-telling rooster is back with another hour of stand-up that’s sure to ruffle some feathers.  From the creator of “Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?” and “Henpecked: Life in the Coop”, this award winning jokester is finally back with his best hour yet, a fowl-mouthed exposé on fatherhood, his life on the farm, and what really came first: the chicken or the egg?

Making Sense

“Guys, how about if I wore a really big suit?”  An imagined prequel to the Talking Heads’ concert film: Stop Making Sense.  Includes none of the bands hits. 

I am Dynamite

Ciaran thought he had all the time in the world, until he discovered he was literally a stick of dynamite.  Now everyone wants a piece of him.  His father wants him to go into the mining business, and his new friend Coyote is filling his head with some pretty sinister ideas about a pesky Roadrunner, but what does Ciaran want?  He has to figure it out before his fuse blows and it’s too late.  Tick, tick, boom!

Witches & Dogs

50 dogs in a room and 8 of them are witches.  But which is witch?  The audience plays detective in this extremely barky immersive theatre piece.  If the audience don’t get it right then some innocent dogs are going to drown which really puts a damper on the end of this otherwise fun show.

Running + Walking in the Phoenix Park

Can one man run and walk at the same time while also in Phoenix Park?  No.

Question Project by Mil M2

We all have questions.  Who am I?  What am I doing here?  Do the bins go out on Tuesday or Wednesday?  Studies show that only 44% of questions have answers, and of these the number of truly satisfying ones is staggering, but not in a good way.  What happens when you can’t answer for the answers and you need to question the questions themselves?  Surely all your answers can’t be questioned, but are we okay with that? 

Dreamgun Film Reads: The Fringe Binge

Just a random string of words with no discernible meaning.

Sight Unseen is on from the 8th – 13th of September at 7:30pm, downstairs in Hely’s Bar, Dame St.