I Am A Cancer Denier

The mainstream media would label me a “cancer denier”.

I prefer the term “cancer sceptic”.

There remain many questions surrounding the so-called consensus from the medical community that cancerous cells growing in the human body can be fatal. And that’s all I’m doing; asking questions.

It’s perfectly possible to have a civil debate which educates people about the controversy around the cancer theory. Or so one would think. We have lamentably gotten to the stage where you can no longer disagree with commonly-accepted and robustly-verified ideas without that being treated like strange behaviour.

You get immediately dismissed as a “denier” or “conspiracy theorist” or “moron” or “dumbass” or “gobshite” or “lonely smegflake so devoid of personality and talent that wearing wilful contrarianism as a shield from the emptiness inside him drives him towards laboured edginess and pseudoscientific nonsense on topics he knows jackshit about which contribute nothing of value”.

But cancer is such an emotional topic for them; they get so alarmist about cancer just because it allegedly kills millions of people. Why can’t they just keep a cool head when a potential source of death is being discussed and stop choosing to be triggered when someone challenges “facts” about your own illness? The mature, responsible thing to do is objectively examine all sides of the argument on a basis of mutual respect in order to show, without bias, that cancer is a myth built on misconceptions and phony data and you’re stupid if you believe in it and so is your worldview.

There is hysterical scare-mongering among the public driven by special interests in the medical community and we’ve seen exactly this kind of thing before. Like that time polio was meant to be sweeping through the United States. Where is the polio now? Hmm?

The fact of the matter is human beings have always been dying. We have seen these death figures before and there are all sorts of alternate medical explanations for the effects of so-called cancer. I’m not a medical scientist myself, but the reality of what’s going is really, really simple. So simple it’s like an idiot could understand it.

Big Pharma has too much money to lose from the fraud behind cancer being exposed. That’s why they won’t debate me, not their press release spin about my “cherry-picked data” and “fundamental misconceptions about the science behind cancer” leading to a “conscious bending of facts to support untenable bullshit”. Why can’t they just address the evidence I present instead of resorting to these ad hominem attacks like ignorant children?

Big Pharma
Big Pharma has so much money it’s hard to keep it out of shot (image source)

So much money gets funnelled into cancer research and cancer treatment and cancer medicines with jacked-up prices. How can we trust these scientists to be objective when their funding depends on doing this research? It is highly suspicious to see these college-educated specialists seeking financial resources and personal income in exchange for their labour. And what other industry has people travelling to lavish conferences?

It is not only the medical practitioners and pharmaceutical companies that have a vested interest in promoting this cancer narrative. We now come to another group who also have too much to lose. I’m certain the more politically-correct readers (not that being correct, politically speaking, is any indication of social intelligence) will already have been shaking their heads, shrieking, “What about all the cancer patients and their families? Are you calling them liars after everything they go through?”

Everything they go through? You mean the extended vacation time, social sympathy, and in some jurisdictions, legal cannabis??? How am I being the asshole here? It’s all a gravy-train scam supported by cash-cow charities and hypocritical celebrities, who immediately invalidate any cause they speak out on. Anyone who tells you otherwise can’t be trusted because of their political views. You should trust me because of mine.

And, yawn, here come the triggered snowflakes insisting that all these accounts of the horrible things endured by cancer patients are not part of some vast coordinated conspiracy that has guaranteed perpetual silence from thousands of conspirators across all countries. Clever people like me who talk loudly in restaurants, can see right through all the propaganda. The data behind cancer just doesn’t add up.

Our bodies are exposed to so many environmental threats; surely we’d all have cancerous cells? Why don’t we all have cancer? Hmm? It’s so clearly a hoax, we should immediately withdraw from any international agreements around cancer, stop research into cancer and maybe speak up for the people whose financial resources have been robbed and redistributed towards a problem that doesn’t seem to exist to me.

I don’t feel I am asking for much here. All I want is an open debate where there’s freedom of speech and transparent inquiry, directed towards the other side. And I want that side to hear my views and be considered on an equal footing with my side by lawmakers and media outlets. It is my democratic right to have my views considered and copper-fastened into law because they’re right and I’m right. I’m Me. Why would I believe something that’s wrong? How could I conceivably be lying or labouring under delusion?

I just want people to listen to me and think I’m right and not have anything happen ever without my explicit approval because if I’m not personally convinced of something the rest of the world should wait, because I’m me and I have feelings and this is the world I live in, so no action should be taken until I can be convinced that I’m wrong, which I won’t be, because I’m not wrong because I’M ME! Is that so unreasonable? Is that asking so much of everyone?

Bollocks like this would never be published about cancer (https://www.cancer.ie/), let alone acted on by governments. It would be weird if someone talked like this about cancer or anything else that exists. So why does the media support this when it comes to climate change?

Main image via flickr