Clickbait Poetry

Two Roads Diverged In a Yellow Wood, What Happened Next Will Make All the Difference.

You Won’t Believe What This Poet Compared To A Summer’s Day

These Plums Which You Were Probably Saving For Breakfast Were In An Icebox, You Won’t Believe What I Did With Them

This Man Didn’t Speak Out When They Came For The Socialists, You Will Rethink EVERYTHING When You See Who Was Left To Speak For Him

I Thought I Knew What Happened When All The Others Were Away At Mass, Boy Was I Wrong

Thought Flies Were Annoying? Wait Until You Hear What This Fly Did — When I Died

What Rough Beast, Its Hour Come Round At Last, Slouches Towards Bethlehem To Be Born?

This Man Handed On Something To Another Man And It Deepened Like A Coastal Shelf

I Thought I’d Seen Best-Laid Plans Gang Aft Agley Before But This Really Takes The Biscuit

This Slithy Tove Was In The Wabe, What It Did Next Will Make You Callooh Callay

Have You Ever Had Sex With A Pharoah? You Won’t Believe What Kanye Put In This Sarcophagus

Hwæt! This Legendary Warrior-King Came Out Of Retirement For One Last Fight But He Didn’t Expect This

Something Set You Going Like A Fat Gold Watch, When You Find Out What It Is You’ll Like And Share On Facebook

Bhí Subh Milis Ar Bhaschrann An Dorais But The Corraí I Mhúched Surprised Even Me

You’ll Be Amazed By What This Old Perv Would Do Had He The Heavens’ Embroidered Cloths, Enwrought With Golden And Silver Light

6 Odes That You Need To Read Right Now

This Cow Jumped Over The Moon And That Was Only The Start Of It

This Man Wandered Lonely As A Cloud, You Won’t Believe What He Saw Next Beside The Lake, Beneath The Trees, Fluttering And Dancing In The Breeze

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