Sam & Mikey pitching up a storm

Comedy Short | Life’s A Pitch

Are you bereft now that Mad Men has finished?  Sam & Mikey think that they might be able to fill that hole with Life’s A Pitch. They have ideas. Big ideas. Ideas that they’d like to show you if you know or indeed are any of the following people:

A big time TV executive.

A relative of Aaron Spelling.

Maybe you actually are Aaron Spelling?

Or David E. Kelley?

Even Ryan Murphy would do.

Sam & Mikey aren’t fussy. Here’s their sketch.

[youtube id=”2gmldaSZ6Bo” align=”center” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”550″]

Starring Sam Moorhead, Mikey Fleming, Deirdre Breen, and Sean Flaherty

Written & Directed by Sam & Mikey

Camera: Cathy Dunne

Sound: Steven Murray

Editing: Mikey Fleming

Theme Song: Sam & Mikey

Everything Else: Kate Moylan