(Com)Pleated Trousers | The Loose Trousers Collection

Ian Macpherson is the fictional editor of the fictional Gnarled Tree Press. Ian Macpherson is also the real writer and comedian behind the Loose Trousers collection of columns purportedly written by the fictional Ian Macpherson. Where does Ian Macpherson end and Ian Macpherson begin? Only Ian Macpherson and Ian Macpherson know. Below are the collected Loose Trousers columns and an introduction to Fiachra Mac Fiach, Ireland’s greatest living genius.

Fiachra MacFiach, Ireland’s Greatest Living Genius | An Introduction

Fiachra MacFiach Ireland's Greatest Living Genius - HeadStuff.org

Loose Trousers

Loose Trousers - HeadStuff.org

Loose Trousers |2| Trousers Two Plus

Loose Trousers 2 - HeadStuff.org

Loose Trousers |3| The Chosen People

Loose Trousers 3 - The Chosen People - HeadStuff.org

Loose Trousers |4| Safe Space

Loose Trousers - HeadStuff.org

Loose Trousers |5| Book Snuff

Book Snuff - HeadStuff.org

Ian Macpherson is taking a break from Loose Trousers. His website www.ianmacpherson.net will keep acolytes and casual browsers up to date on The Book of Blaise, The Autobiography of Ireland’s Greatest Living Genius, The Everlasting Book Tour and other exciting developments. Latest News: His seminal Late Late Show performance, The Man Who Died For Ireland Twice In The One Day, will be broadcast by RTE on Easter Sunday 2016, in a stunning example of creative rescheduling. It replaces the Angelus.

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