Edinburgh Fringe Diaries | Aug 17th | Fear Subsiding

Alison Spittle

I flyered a lady from First Dates, I thought she was an old school friend, her friend was obviously used to this and said she’s off the TV. The lady looked shy and I was starstruck. I hope she comes.

I had a reviewer in today. The show went well, after a week I finally feel comfortable, it shouldn’t have taken me this long but I’m glad I’m here. I’m no longer worried about what an Edinburgh crowd misses out on that the Dublin crowd picks up.
I miss my partner terribly and I’ve fallen off the fag wagon spectacularly, they sell them in tens here and it’s a novelty. I still haven’t seen Mimes In Time yet, every time I plan to, something comes up. I loved the half an hour version and I’d love to see it for an hour.
I bought tickets to the So You Think You’re Funny final, to support my compatriot Ruth. This is my World Cup Final.
I found a phone on the pavement, I picked it up out of the rain and then I was stumped, I’ve no idea how to work an iPhone. I looked up Youtube tutorials on how to unlock a phone. My flatmate Sofie did some Facebook sleuthing, found the owner and had it returned in the evening. The owner thanked me in a Facebook message, I then advertised my show to her, I felt disgusting.
I passed my comedy hero, he looked happy as a man could be in sunglasses. I must remember to buy nail clippers.

Davey Reilly

Checking in with you lovely HeadStuff readers. I had my one and only day off on Monday. My final show before the wee break was my favourite of the run so far. I no longer feel afraid of my show, which is pretty class. Probably sounds strange being afraid of something I created, but sure look at Frankenstein (Actually Frankenstein was the name of the doctsssshhhhh)

Spent my day off on a walking ghost tour, bookended by my friend Bec’s wedding and reception. At a wedding full of professional comics, the star of the event was the vicar who is officially my favourite new act of the Fringe.

Having a wedding on my day off rather than having an actual day off have left me pretty zapped. I’m going to go nap now before I drop the phone on my face again.


Dossip Rirl

main image via daveyreilly.tumblr.com