4 | Ghostbusters with Giles Brody

Giles Brody of The Mess Around and The Sunday Sermon Podcast talks to Alan and Ellen Tannam about Ghostbusters. At least that was the plan. It turned into more of a Ghostbusters-themed chat. We enjoyed it though, hopefully you will too.

We talked about a lot of things including bingo playing taxi drivers, Eddie Murphy, Nas, John Belushi, Animal House, Michael Cera, Be Here Now, Crystal Skull Vodka, The House of Blues, No Encore & Dave Hanratty, Giles’s New University, Horses, Rick Moranis is sound, Ellen Hates Garry Shandling, celebrity atheism, Bill Murray several times in various ways, Groundhog Day, Harold Ramis, A Tom Cruise Film That I Refuse To Check The Name Of, creative partnerships, A phonecall from Sarah Silverman, meeting your heroes, Thom Yorke, funny people with guns, Micallef, Donegal People, the real reason Michael Collins was killed, De Valera, Cathal Brugha is hardcore, army friends, short men, Home Alone, visa issues, Problem Child 2, the new Ghostbusters movie, and loads of other bits.

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