Here’s Why You Should Enter The Lacomic Cup

So by now you’ve probably heard all about the Lacomic Cup, our world cup of very brief comic fiction. You’ve probably heard that you need to write a funny story of between 250-300 words which ends with the same word, phrase or sentence that it started with and how the best 32 entries will go forward to Round One. If you were paying close attention you may even have heard that from Round Two onwards, competitors are awarded €200 for each fixture that they win and that the winner of the final gets €400, kindly provided by Sober Lane, with help from UNESCO Dublin City of Literature. If you’re reasonably handy with mental arithmetic you’ll have realised that this means that the overall winner will get €1,000 in total. It’s a lot to take in and you’re obviously very excited about it so you might need to be reminded that the deadline for entries is May 24th and that it’s free to compete.

What you probably haven’t heard are all the testimonials from previous entrants about how participating in the Lacomic Cup kickstarted their careers, changed their lives, and made people gasp in awe whenever they entered a room.

That’s because there aren’t any yet. This is the INAUGURAL Lacomic Cup. How often do you get to say that you were part of the inaugural anything? Hardly ever. Inaugural things are reserved for the Beyoncés and Putins of the world, not for the likes of you and me. Well, not anymore friend. You’re on the ground floor. Ding ding, the elevator doors of opportunity just opened. Why did the doors ding twice? Who knows? Maybe the answer lies in the elevator.

We’re big enough to admit that the elevator metaphor got away from us slightly. That’s why no one from HeadStuff will be entering the Lacomic Cup. You should though. Write a short story that is very funny and send it to us here to potentially make history.

Elevator doors symoblising the opportunity presented by the Lacomic Cup -
The elevator is also a beach. Metaphors

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