Lacomic Cup – Round 1 info & Round 2 Underway

We have entered Round 2 of the Lacomic Cup. The 16 stories are here for you to enjoy and vote on. In this round, the writers who won their matches in Round 1, had to write a new story between 250 and 300 words, this time about the internet, but without using the word internet, net or web.

The judge for this round is Irish comedian, writer and creator of @irishmammies, Colm O’Regan.

Round 1 was judged by Diet of Worms, and they had this to say about the judging process:

“The five of us really enjoyed judging the first round of the competition. There were quite a few tough and tight calls. Commiserations to the vanquished and congratulations to victorious. Good luck for the rest of the tournament!”

The Audience Choice Award was won by Rien Thoma for his story ‘Bride’. A hamper of books worth over €100 from is on its way to him right now.

The finalists who didn’t make it through to Round 2, but who are all great, and did very well to get this far are:

Liam McKenna – ‘The Heist’

Benjamin Selden – ‘A Brief Glimpse into the Author’s Process’

Robert McCabe – ‘Confession’

Megan Gill – ‘Phone Me’

Catherine Kearney – ‘Adoption’

M. Lanen-de Vries – Giving Birth’

Margaret Cahill – ‘Godwin Jones’

Francis Roche – ‘Condoms’

Alex Kramer – ‘Customs and Excise Heaven’

Justin McCann – ‘Shaggy Dog Story’

Aida Lennon – ‘Master Chef’

Tulasi Das – ‘Second Best’

Caroline Bracken – ‘Dead 5: Significant Amount of Give, Worse Side of Dead’

Ian Desmond – ‘In the Toy Box with You’

Cethan Leahy – ‘Answering the Abyss’

Genna St. Michael – ‘Misunderstood’