#3 | Mark O’Halloran


In Episode Three – Actor and writer, Mark O’Halloran, gives Alison tips on how to get the best yellow-sticker deals in Tesco. Also, they talk about a very special blue sock and how to write films by following interesting people on the street.

Mark recounts the time he spent in Amsterdam working in a steel mill. There’s also Cassandra, the depressed dog and the alternate time zone that has been discovered in Dublin.

Mark has written films like Garage and Adam and Paul.  Follow him on twitter here. Find out more about his latest film, History’s Future, here.

Alison does stand-up comedy all the time because there’s no money in it. You can see her upcoming gigs on her website, alisonspittle.com. The cheese you just ate is fine. It’s supposed to look like that.

We’ll be at Body and Soul this year as part of the Comedy Tent. Come see us on Saturday at 1pm.

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Theme tune by No Monster Club. Their new album, “I Feel Magic” is out now.


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