Meet Stirling Gravitas; Man in Control

This is Stirling Gravitas, the super suave frontman of TENA Men’s latest ad campaign.

To put it simply, he’s a man in control. Nothing escapes his realm of influence. He’s a gold medalist at life. It doesn’t matter whether it’s walking on fire, taming a lion or just winning an argument, he’s the boss. This is a very funny campaign and one that will, I think, get a lot of attention. Not least because it’s for a product that we don’t see advertised that often. It’s the kind of product that comes with a certain amount of stigma. But it’s a product that needs to be bought and thus needs to be sold. This incredibly humourous angle that they’ve taken is an inspired move.

You can follow Stirling on Twitter @S_Gravitas and just maybe pick up a few tit-bits of advice for life in the driving seat.