Movember | Musical Moustaches

Despite my repeated attempts to get Shmigtember off the ground, Movember is once again upon us. Here’s a lowdown of some of the most iconic hirsute upper lips in music history.


10. Little Richard

Ever since his first hit with ‘Tutti Frutti’ back in the 50s Richard has sported his trademark pencil moustache with pride. Why not put a little Motown in your Movember?

Little Richard movemeber



9. John Oates

80’s legend John Oates was once asked to shave his lip caterpillar-style for a photo shoot. He responded by writing the hit ‘I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do)’

John Oates, movember,


8. David Crosby

David Crosby (one third of Crosby, Stills & Nash, one quarter of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young) still rocks the walrus to this day and although a little whiter, this crumb-catcher still exudes rock n’ roll gravitas.


David Crosby, movember,


7. Lionel Richie

When Lionel Richie isn’t dancing on the ceiling or wistfully saying “Hello” he likes nothing better than trimming his classic ‘stache while humming a few bars of ‘Stuck On You’.

Lionel Richie, movember, moustache


6. Yello

80’s electronic duo Yello sported not one but two mo’s worthy of inclusion on this list. The uniquely stylish Dieter Meier and Boris Blank’s wacky pop shenanigans were greatly enhanced by their natty taches.

Yello, movember,


5. George Michael

While it betrays his true werewolf identity, George Michael’s uncanny ability to grow hair in absolutely every area of his face allows him to fashion highly intricate designs with his weird beard. However, he still insists on the old classic horsehoe look.

George Michael, movember,


4. Prince

Although there are 12 year-old boys who have more facial hair growth than Prince he still manages to fashion his bum fluff with a certain panache. Rumour has it that Prince underwent a surgical procedure in the late 80s to allow him to retract his moustache while lovemaking.

Prince, movember,


3. Phil Lynott

Thin Lizzy frontman Phil Lynott’s afro-stache combo cemented his standing as Ireland’s greatest rocker even if he did have chocolate stains on his pants.

Phil Lynott, Thin Lizzy, movember,


2. Frank Zappa

Legend has it that Frank Zappa was born with his moustache. There is no evidence to the contrary. Some say it was the true source of his genius. The moustache was Zappa, the man just grew around it.

Frank Zappa, movember,


1. Freddie Mercury

Finally, no list of moustachio’d musicians could be complete without Freddie Mercury. His Simpsonesque overbite was perfectly complemented by his iconic lipholstery. Removed before his untimely death, we’d like to think it might still be out there somewhere.

Freddie Mercury, movember,