Perfect Christmas Gifts For Comedy Fans

It’s that time of year when we buy Christmas gifts for our loved ones, Christmas time. But what should you buy for the comedy fan in your life? Comedy fans are amongst the very worst snobs in all of the arts. They’re so snobby that they consider comedy to be an artform. We all know that comedy is easy. Making people laugh is so easy that babies and dogs can do it. Comedy fans disagree and use phrases like “Verbal Jazz” to do so. They’re losers. Absolute losers. But they’re losers that you need to buy Christmas gifts for so what can you do? Choosing a gift for giggle collectors is a nightmare. Luckily for you, you’ve got a man on the inside, your old pal Alan Maguire – Humour Editor of So without further ado, here are my top picks for Christmas gifts for comedy fans in this year of 2015 AD or 2-5 BNED(Before Nearly Everything Died).

Micky Flanagan – The ‘Back In The Game’ Tour LIVE

the perfect christmas gift for any Micky Flanagan Fan -
Cheeky Chappy Micky Flanagan

Everyone loves cheeky chappy Micky Flanagan. With his cheeky tales of being a chappy and his chappy stories about times he was cheeky, there’s something for everyone in this 2013 live DVD of one of the all-time great stand-ups getting “back” “in” “the” “game”.

Dove Beautiful You Gift Set

Dove Beautiful You -
Rub them all on ur face

Everyone enjoys the sensation of having clean, moisturised skin that shines (in the good way) and glows like a deep sea fish that provides its own luminescence. Comedy fans are no exception to this rule. And why would they be? Comedy fans have skin. Comedy fans have sweat glands. Comedy fans enjoy showering daily or as they need to, whichever comes first. It’s a disgusting stereotype of comedy fans that they smell worse than fans of other artforms. I know for a fact that most opera fans smell of mini-quiches and bedsores. The comedy fan in your life would definitely appreciate a load of neutral smelling things that have the word cleanse on them. They would.

Micky Flanagan – The “Out Out” Tour LIVE

Micky Flanagan -
Watch Out Out! Micky Flanagan’s About!

Have you ever been talking to a comedy fan and you say something like “Oh, you like comedy? Do you like Micky Flanagan?” and they say “yes” but in a kind of quiet, non-committal way and their eyes seem to be screaming something else? That’s because true comedy fans enter a state of subdued awe and reverence whenever they think of Micky Flanagan. Everyone loves Micky Flanagan! He’s such a cheeky chappy!

10-Pack Men’s Blacks Socks (Plain)

10 Black Socks -
A lil sock battalion on their way to crush some invaders

Every comedy fan’s sock drawer should contain the classic Little Black Sock (or LBS as Coco Chanel used to call it) but buying a Little Black Sock as a Christmas gift can be problematic. One Little Black Sock is too few. Fifteen Little Black Socks is almost certainly too many. Four Socks? Still seems a little stingy. Well, the makers of 10-Pack Men’s Black Socks (Plain) think they’ve found the perfect number: Ten. Ten seems like a perfect number of socks. Five pairs. A pair of black socks for every workday. Then your comedy fan can kick back at the weekend when all their black socks are in the wash and wear something mad like a sock with Peter Griffin on it or something. Also, if you have ten identical socks you can put one on each toe and pretend you have fractal legs. So that’s nice.

Micky Flanagan: Funny Geezer – The Unofficial Biography

Micky Flanagan Biogrpahy -
Micky Flanagan looking unusually serious

The world has so far been denied a definitive Micky Flanagan biography. The great man himself has refused to put finger to keyboard and write an autobiography, preferring to maintain his privacy and let his work speak for itself. This biography by Abi Smith will have to do for now. Comedy fans need to take their Flanagan tidbits where they can get them. Unfortunately, the book contains some errors that should have been caught during proofing. For instance, the title of the book is Funny Geezer when everyone knows that Micky Flanagan is actually a cheeky chappy, a common mix-up but an important one. Also, on page 82, Smith describes Flanagan’s shiny mane of black hair as Health Goth when it’s clearly Summer Goth. Still though, highly recommended for all comedy fans.

So there you have it. A little something for comedy fans from all walks of life. If you buy your comedy fan something from this list and they don’t seem to like it just keep saying “I thought you liked comedy” over and over until they admit that they actually loved it. Happy Christmas.

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