Pure Awkward |9| Crowds

Story lads?

Come here to me, did ye head into town for St. Patrick’s Day? Some parade? Jesus. T’was fierce busy, though. I’m not one for crowds now, like. I find it a bit stressful. I’m allergic when there is that many people around, you know yourself? Your heart is pure racing and you can’t catch your breath or nothing. I was inside in town and I was that nervous of the crowds, like, I felt like I was going to gawk. My belly was awful sore and I was getting the sweats and the whole lot. You wouldn’t believe me if I told ya, boy. I was watching the float go past and my heart was hammering. I swear to God, I thought I was a goner, like. I headed towards where all the food trucks are. They would normally calm me right down, like. I thought with a couple of chips, I’d be able to chillax. I was pure stressed, lads. Anyway, thinking I was dying, I had to call one of the girls to come and get me in the car, like. I was pure awkward then, because I never wanted to let on the reason why to them. Sure you know yourself what women are like. Anna was pure like: “There’s something wrong and you need to sort it out.” Sure I’m just a bit nervous of a crowd, like. I’m not a mental! She said that it wasn’t normal, the way I was carrying on, like. I was pure morto, boy. Kate then was all about me going to the doctors and getting sorted with some tablets or behavioural therapy, like. Imagine. State of me, inside in the doctor’s office, like. Sure they don’t give one fuck about your brain as long as your body is like a fecking mountain lion and your BMI is the same as an anorexic’s. I can’t go back to the doctor now in a good while because he was on about me losing weight and I’m after gaining a few pounds to be fair, like. Tis only because of the summer, like. Sure you can’t live through the summer and not put on weight. It’s actually impossible. All those barbeques and feckin burgers and sausages. They aren’t going to eat themselves, like.

Anyway, listen, the girls think there is something wrong with me. Like, they are convinced now that I have some kind of a trauma, which I’m not after telling them about. Sure you think I would remember a trauma that meant I couldn’t stand in a crowd? Tis fairly feckin’ important, like. Anna thinks that I’m after repressing something. I haven’t the energy to go repressing a thing. Kate is pushing now to find out what could cause such a reaction to crowds. I don’t care, to be fair. I got collected, sure. Not a bother on me, like. Anyway, she’s after nearly losing the head with googling this and that. Holy God, like. Apparently, they think I have social anxiety. Sure it sounds serious to be fair, like. I didn’t ask her anymore. I was only sitting there thinking that it might be a terrible disease, like. But I didn’t spend a whole lot of time thinking on it, to be fair. Ellen said she we could maybe let go of the diet for the night because of the worry of it. They felt pure sorry for me, like. The three in one from Jumbo pure eased my anxiety, like. You know yourself?

Main Image via concreteplayground