Raw Talent | The Story So Far…

Over the last sixteen weeks, Raw Talent has enthralled and aroused everybody that’s so much as glanced at it. Raw Talent author Deirdre Sullivan has been called “Ireland’s answer to Louise Bagshawe” by none other than multi-award winning author Louise O’Neill. We’ve all had fun but now it’s time for a little break. Deirdre has a book coming out, Needlework (2016), so obviously she needs to focus on that. For now though, here are all sixteen chapters so far in one handy place. Enjoy. – Alan Maguire, Humour Editor.

Chapter One – The Best Face You’ve Ever Seen, But More

Chapter One - HeadStuff.org

Chapter Two – Give It To Me Jackman DuVall

Chapter Two - Headstuff.org

Chapter Three – Carlow Van Cleef Was Furious

Chapter 3 - HeadStuff.org

Chapter Four – A Hunger Trickle Through Your Midriff

Chapter 4 - HeadStuff.org

Chapter Five – Surveying The Taut Young Limbs

Chapter Five - HeadStuff.org

Chapter Six – James Franco’s Midnight Yurt Promises

Chapter 6 - HeadStuff.org

Chapter Seven – Christmas Morning If Your Present Was Nine Orgasms

Chapter 7 - Christmas Morning if your present was nine orgasms - HeadStuff.org

Chapter Eight – The Jet Set’s Grimmest Assassin

Chapter 8 - The Jet Set's Grimmest Assassin - HeadStuff.org

Chapter Nine – The Beautiful Girl Is Talking

Chapter 9 - HeadStuff.org

Chapter Ten – Like A Sex Pog

Chapter 10 Like A Sex Pog - HeadStuff.org

Chapter Eleven – These Mason  Jars Are Metaphors

Chapter 11 The Mason Jars are Metaphors - HeadStuff.org

Chapter Twelve – An Alleyway of Jo Malone Votive Candles

Chapter 12 - Jo Malone Votive Candles - HeadStuff.org

Chapter Thirteen – Iceberg Ruminations

Chapter 13 Iceberg Ruminations - HeadStuff.org

Chapter Fourteen – Gilded Pleasures and Low Intensity

Chapter 14 Low Intensity - HeadStuff.org

Chapter Fifteen – Flattering Cuts and Bruises

Chapter 15 Flatterng Cuts and Bruises - HeadStuff.org

Chapter Sixteen – A Single Rose

Chapter 16 - A Single Rose - HeadStuff.org

And that’s where we leave, Fox, Jackman, Carlow, Carbon, Deborah, and the rest of the Raw Talent gang for 2015. Imagine them all smouldering quietly in stasis until then, like a sexy remake of Aliens. Raw Talent, tell your friends.

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